15 Theories We Have After The Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

Wonder Woman 1984 Theories:

The trailer for WW1984 went live on youtube about a few days ago. We see the return of Gal Gadot as our beloved Diana Prince mounting the mantle of Wonder Woman once more (hopefully not for the final time) and is accompanied by Chris Pine reprising his role of Steve, who is supposed to be dead? If the events of the first movie are to be relied upon. However good the trailer was it definitely left us with more questions than answers. Here are 15 Wonder Woman 1984 theories to contemplate on for the future of DCEU, theories we have after the  WW1984  trailer.

 1. Steve travelled in time

Wonder Woman 1984 Theories

Of course the majority of these are going to be speculation about how Chris Pine is actually alive during 1984 and how he shows up to support Diana in the second movie, but hear me out this is not just speculation. We already know that Chris Pine should be dead if the events of the first movie are assumed to be reliable, however, there is ambiguity in the final scenes of Wonder Woman, enough ambiguity for us to assume that the explosion we saw was not just a bomb but in fact a temporal gate that propelled steve into the year 1984, right into the arms of an immortal Wonder Woman. Well, time travel may be a key element to this movie since all the cool kids are doing it ( Ref: Avengers:Endgame)

 2. Steve was saved by Barry

Taking the time travel theory a little further it can be easily speculated that steve was in fact in the plane when the bomb went off but was saved by a time traveling Barry Allen(Flash). We already know from the events of BvS and the existence of a Flashpoint title in the DCEU lineup that Barry Allen will choose to travel back in time to fix something and change the future, maybe the appearance of Steve in 1984 is the doing of the flash himself, it is certainly an interesting premise

 3. WW1984 is a whole new timeline for the DCEU

Wonder Woman 1984

Now, if the above theory holds true then it is possible that we are looking at a soft reboot of the DCEU at the hands of the FLASH and everything that occurs in WW1984 is due to Barry creating ripples in the space-time continuum. This means that we are not getting a retrospective movie entailing the events of the past with WW1984 but an introduction to a whole new DCEU timeline where Steppenwolf does not invade earth, Doomsday is never created and a whole new larger threat looms in the background, certainly an enticing possibility.

 4. Wonder Woman is looking for a way to help Barry Allen

Wonder Woman

It is also possible that the Flash did travel in time but had nothing to do with steve’s appearance in 1984. It could be that he’s stuck in the speed force after the events of Flashpoint (in the future of DCEU) and is looking to warn Diana of the larger threat yet to come (maybe Barbatos and/or Darkseid). It could be Barry Allen who puts Diana on Max’s trail and/or informs her about the artefact.

 5. The Valkyrie Armor

Valkyrie’s in Nordic culture are warriors under the wing of Freya and looking at the final scenes of the trailer it is abundantly clear that Gal Gadot is roleplaying as one. This could mean now that Ares is defeated Diana is battling Gods from other regions ergo ODIN and/or Hel herself and has been given the blessing of Freya and the Valkyrie armor as so many Demi-Gods have received before her making it a sweet amalgam of Greek and Nordic culture.

 6. Diana and Cheetah meet as employees

Wonder Woman

At the start of the trailer, we find Diana conversing with someone, a blonde woman who seems very interested in Diana’s past, although her identity is yet to be revealed the fandom firmly believes this woman to be “cheetah” a prominent villain from WW’s rogue’s gallery that is one of the most memorable foes to ever come out of DC’s offices. It is also speculated that these two will initially meet in the movie as colleagues working in the museum where WW comes to investigate.

 7. Max’s Crystal is what will change Barbara into Cheetah

1984 Theories

The mild-mannered Barbara seems too docile to ever do the things that Cheetah does in comics. But you see this where the writers earn their paycheques. Audiences love hidden personality traits and radical character development. The general consensus in the fandom is that the crystal that we see in the trailer is exactly what will corrupt Barbara (maybe through experimentation or general thievery) and turn her into the Cheetah we all know and love to hate.

 8. Steve is Martian Manhunter

1984 Theories

Another popular theory gaining a lot of momentum since yesterday is the possibility that steve is not steved at all but actually J’onn J’onzz in disguise who is here on earth to investigate the matter of the crystal. The implication here is that the crystal is actually martian in origin and maybe setting up the events leading to a martian invasion as seen in the “secret Origins” movie that acted as the inception of the Justice League animated series. Whether this is the case or not, remains to be seen.

 9. Max uses a satellite to infect the public with a virus

Wonder Woman 1984

This is a theory spawning purely from Reddit. We see max enter a chamber of sorts in the trailer and then a cutaway to a satellite. The Fans believe that there is a nod in the movie to George Orwell’s novel NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR (1984 ||see the connection?||) where a mind-control virus is deployed through satellite.

 10. Wonder Woman as Public enemy #1

1984 Theories

Continuing the last thread we also believe that the mind control will happen halfway through the movie and the rest will be Diana trying to power her way through to put things right. We see Diana Prince battling secret service in the trailer and so it is possible that the mind control has rendered everyone in the world into believing that Diana Prince is the only penultimate threat to the peace and security of our little world and also to the president of the United States, hence the battle sequence in the White House

 11. The Daughter of ZEUS

Wonder Woman 1984 Theories

There is a scene in the trailer where Diana chooses to use lightning in the sky as a grapple point and swing from it to her place of destination. Now, any comic-book fan will know that Diana Prince is the daughter of ZEUS and it now seems that during the events of WW1984 this part of her Godly heritage is shining brighter than ever.

 12. The Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman 1984 Theories

Everyone knows that Steve is a fighter pilot, and he presumably dies doing his duty at the end of Wonder Woman 1. However, now that he’s back and a substantial amount of time has passed it is possible that Diana Prince has geared up a little more and now has her iconic invisible jet with her. It is widely speculated that this is the vehicle that Steve and Diana are seen riding in the middle of the trailer.

 13. Diana Accidently Brings Steve back to life

Wonder Woman 1984 Theories

Another theory about Steve’s re-incarnation that has been doing the rounds recently speculates that it is Diana Prince herself who brings Steve back to life but does so accidentally by using the crystal. Maybe Diana discovers the crystal and brings Steve back but then has to correct her wrongs and destroy the artefact lest it consumes everything losing her love all over again in the process.

 14. Steve is a Figment of Diana’s Imagination

I really like the premise of Steve’s comeback being all smoke and mirrors in the sense that Steve is the personification of Diana’s long-term repressed emotions that are now bubbling to the surface. The idea is very “Arkham Knight” of the internet but it seems that Gods don’t even go insane like the rest of us.

 15. Barbara knows who Diana is from the very start

During the events of the trailer we see a picture of Diana Prince from her WWII days, It is widely speculated that this picture frame belongs to Barbara and she has been investigating the events of Ares vs Diana for quite some time trying to make sense of it but does not connect the dots until Diana shows up in front of her acting coy and trying to work alongside her. Curiosity is the mother of invention and if the theory is to believe then Barbara may create the personality of Cheetah just to get some answers out of Diana

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