Avengers: Endgame Script Reveals Why Thanos Sent Gamora & Nebula To Ronan

Thanos Sent Gamora & Nebula To Ronan: 

Avengers: Endgame hid so many details within that we almost lost count of the number of Easter Eggs that were there in the film. But a lot more about the movie was actually revealed by the many deleted scenes that came with the BluRay pack, Disney+ and with the Infinity Saga Box Set. And now, the technicalities that weren’t revealed by any of these have been revealed by the script of the film, which is available online for us to read. The script has revealed so many details, and the latest one is that it revealed the reason behind Thanos sending his daughters to Ronan.

Avengers: Endgame Theory Nebula Gamora

As you all may remember, Thanos sent Gamora & Nebula to Ronan back in Guardians of the Galaxy. Then Gamora betrayed him while Nebula stuck with him. Well, we never really got the exact reason as to why Thanos sent the two women to aid Ronan, as all of us assumed that it was just so Ronan gets extra help. But the Endgame script has revealed a cut line that wasn’t in the movie. During the time heist segment of 2014, the good Gamora tells Rhodey that they aren’t the only ones looking for the stones in 2014. Thanos, Gamora and bad Nebula were also there fighting Korbinites.

It is after this that Thanos tells Gamora & Bad Nebula that Ronan has uncovered the location of the Power Stone. It was at Morag. He then tells them that he’d send the two women with Ronan because “Ronan’s obsession clouds his judgement. After Loki, I’m taking no chances.” So clearly, Thanos was sending his daughters because he didn’t want any more failures like Loki. Along with this little detail, the script has revealed many others. Here’s a list of every other big reveal that came from the script:

Old Cap’s Age

The script reveals that Old Steve’s Age in 2023 is 112 yrs. This age doesn’t count the 66 years he was frozen in ice. So technically, Cap’s age in the MCU is 178 years.

3 More Snap Victims

Reveals More Snap

Endgame revealed holograms of many snapped victims. But the script has revealed three more names that weren’t shown. These are Jane Foster, Wong and Secretary Thaddeus Ross.

Tony’s Cabin

Tony started a new family in the 5 year time jump. He did what he teased in Age of Ultron – built Pepper a house on a farm & lived there. The name of this lake Cabin is “Stark Eco-Compound”.

Morgan’s Age

The script reveals that little baby Morgan was 4 years old. That means Tony probably got married right after he returned to Earth in 2018. And Morgan was born in 2019.

Older Cassie’s Age

Emma Furhman plays older Cassie Lang. She is 14 years old now. This means she was 9 years old in Ant-Man and the Wasp. And little Peanut was 6 in Ant-Man.


Origin of Nova

In 2014, Nebula & Gamora were actually fighting Korbinites. They were laying waste to the planet – Korbin. This sets up Beta Ray Bill’s origin in the MCU perfectly.


Major MCU Villain

Right when it gives a demo of a dark branch reality by removing the time stone, the camera would zoom into that branch & it would reveal Dormammu. It’d reveal a future possibility by showing the destruction of Hong Kong, referring to the events of Doctor Strange.

Tony’s final thought

Final Thoughts of Tony Stark Before Dying

Right after Tony’s snap, Rhodey, Peter & Pepper bid him farewell. His final words were “Hey Pepp”. But what he wanted to say was “I’m sorry,” to Pepper. He was sorry for leaving Pepper to raise Morgan alone. Good thing that Pepper forgave him already!

How Tony Knew about 1970

Tony & Cap needed to improvise to get the Tesseract and more Pym Particles. Tony takes the both of them to 1970, but no one stopped to ask how Tony knew that specific location. Well, there’s a specific explanation behind how Tony knew when exactly he needs to travel in time so he could find the Tesseract and Pym Particles together. In the Endgame script, page 33 shows a particular photo at Tony’s Cabin. The scene reads – “PHOTOS crowd a side table: Pepper, Morgan, Tony. Even one of HOWARD STARK, PEGGY CARTER & HANK PYM UNDER A SHIELD SYMBOL.” This was how Tony knew which year he needs to go back in.

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