Top 10 Best Horror Movies of This Decade Ranked

Best Horror Movies of This Decade:

People have loved horror movies since the very beginning and even though it is difficult to create a good horror movie, this past decade has produced some of the best horror movies ever made. As this decade is finally coming to an end, let’s take a look at the best horror flicks of the past ten years.

#10: The Witch (2015)

Best Horror Movies of This Decade

The story of The Witch is set in the early colonial period of New England and it is about a Puritan family who is banished from their village for a religious offense and is asked to move to a location bordering a forest. The Witch is not for everyone as it is a slow burner, but don’t worry, the extended periods of silence only adds to the horror.

#9: It Follows (2014)

Best Horror Movies of This Decade

It Follows is a proper horror movie as it does not rely on blood and gore, instead, it develops suspense and fear through its pace. The movie has close to zero special effects and it truly uncovers the fear of the unknown. It Follows is a simple psychological horror with a chilling concept.

#8: The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Best Horror Movies of This Decade

The less you know about this movie the more you’ll enjoy it. The Cabin in the Woods is produced and directed by Joss Whedon and it is not your typical horror movie. This movie breaks all the stereotypes present in a horror movie. You would never be able to predict what would happen next.

#7: Insidious (2010)

Best Horror Movies of This Decade

Insidious is a horror movie made by James Wan and it will terrify you for sure and it doesn’t waste any time in doing so. Insidious is a very detailed movie even though it borrows a lot from the classic horror movies. Do not let the PG-13 throw you off as it is not your typical, run of the mill horror movie.

#6: Get Out (2017)

Best Horror Movies of This Decade

Get Out is definitely one of the best debuts from a first-time director in years, and the crazy thing is that Jordan Peele is heavily known for his comedy. Get Out debunks all the racial stereotypes in a horror movie and create a very unique narrative for itself. Make your own mind after watching the movie.

#5: The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Best Horror Movies of This Decade

Sequels in the horror genre do not really excite fans as there are hardly any good horror sequels. But the Conjuring 2 is a rare horror sequel that delivers the same quality content as the first movie. The suspense build-up is done masterfully and the movie gets you when you least expect it to.

#4: A Quiet Place (2018)

Best Horror Movies of This Decade

A Quiet Place has a great concept and once again, it is directed by a comedy actor just like Get Out. The movie is set in a world where mysterious monsters have taken over and they’ll hunt you if you make even a slight noise and the focus is on this one family as they try to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.

#3: It (2017)

Best Horror Movies of This Decade

None of us expected ‘It’ to be so good but the movie turned out to be quite extraordinary. Bill Skarsgard plays the demonic clown Pennywise and a lot of the movie’s success can be credited to his performance as he was super scary and creepy. Even the kids in the movie acted beautifully and their chemistry was amazing.

#2: Hereditary (2018)

Best Horror Movies of This Decade

This movie is so good that you would never want to see it again. The movie is both hard to watch and impossible to look away from. Toni Collette’s performance in the movie was Oscar-worthy. The movie is a slow burner, that only adds to the horror. It is an Old-fashioned horror movie without any gimmicks and cheap scares.

#1: The Conjuring (2013)

Best Horror Movies of This Decade

James Wan is an absolute genius when it comes to horror movies and The Conjuring comes straight from a place where nightmares are made. Your heart will pound throughout the course of the movie and you won’t be able to breathe at times. The worst part, it is based on the true-life events of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

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