10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Captain Britain That Prove He’ll be Amazing in The MCU

Facts About Captain Britain:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding faster than wildfire and we cannot wait for the next batch of superheroes that would make their debut in the upcoming Phase. Captain Britain is possibly one of the most exciting prospects for Phase 4 and if you were to believe the rumors, you’ll see him sooner than you think.

#1: Creation and Debut

Facts About Captain Britain

Captain Britain has been in the Marvel universe for decades. He first appeared in the comic book “Captain Britain #1” back in October 1976, at the beginning of a serial, best remembered for runs by the writer Chris Claremont, artist Alan Davis, and writer Alan Moore. They created a superhero who had several awesome inhuman abilities and at the same time a brilliant scientist with a Ph.D. in Physics.

#2: Origin and History

Facts About Captain Britain

Brian Braddock, after injuring himself, was on the verge of bleeding out, and at that moment the Omni-versal Guardian Roma and Merlyn appeared in front of him. They gave him the chance to be the superhero, Captain Britain. He was offered a choice: The Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Brian did not consider himself to be a warrior so he chose the Amulet of Right and transformed into Captain Britain

#3: The Amulet of Right gave him a lot of Superpowers

Facts About Captain Britain

Captain Britain is not an ordinary superhero, he packs a lot of ammunition. He has Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, agility, durability, reflexes, and senses. He can form force fields, shoot energy beams and he can even fly. At one point, Captain Britain’s powers became tied to his own self-confidence and the mood of the British nation, meaning that he’s stronger when his fellow countrymen are feeling patriotic, but weaker when he doubts himself.

#4: Member of an Inter-dimensional Corps of Protectors

Facts About Captain Britain

As it turns out, Captain Britain is bigger than most of us can imagine. Brian Braddock is only one member of a much larger, inter-dimensional corps of mystical protectors. Every Earth in Marvel Comics’ Multiverse has its own Captain Britain who is expected to defend that version of Britain and uphold its local laws. They are collectively called the “Captain Britain Corps”

#5: His father is not from ‘our’ Earth

Facts About Captain Britain

Captain Britain’s history has been retconned several times to add more depth to his character. Brian’s father, Sir James Braddock, was from the Otherworld and a member of an Earlier corps. Merlyn had sent him to Earth-616 to take a carefully chosen mate and father a hero who would be the greatest of them all. Brian was destined to be Captain Britain.

#6: Her sister is the mutant Psylocke

Facts About Captain Britain

Captain Britain has a sister and she is the great Omega-level mutant Psylocke. It is a very interesting dynamic as their personalities are worlds apart and no one could have guessed it beforehand. We already caught a glimpse of Psylocke in the movie “X-Men Apocalypse” and it would be interesting to see if Psylocke would make her MCU debut in Phase 4.

#7: He was Spider-Man’s roommate

Facts About Captain Britain

When Brian Braddock traveled to New York to complete his education, by a strange twist of fate, his roommate was none other than the Friendly Neighbourhood superhero, Spider-man, at the Empire State University. Due to a brief misunderstanding, they even locked horns at one point, but they both were captured by the assassin Arcade during their battle.

#8: Excalibur – Great Britain’s premier Super-Team

Facts About Captain Britain

He was an essential member of Great Britain’s biggest crime-fighting superhero team known as the Excalibur. The other members of the group included heavyweights like Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Phoenix 3 and Meggan. They all banded together to continue the work of the X-Men.

#9: His wife is a Shape-shifter

Facts About Captain Britain

Captain fell hard for the Shape-shifter named Meggan Puceanu. Meggan is a very strong Shape-shifter whose appearance is typically dictated by what others think of her. In the comic books, Brian and Meggan often fight evil together and that is how their relationship began.

#10: Captain Britain sacrificed himself to defeat Ultron

Facts About Captain Britain

In the comic books, during the Age of Ultron Storyline, Captain Britain and MI-13 joined Captain Marvel in fighting the Ultron sentinels that were invading London. Captain Marvel and Brian sacrificed their lives to destroy the invading Ultron army, and after that Faiza Hussain was tasked to be the next Captain Britain.

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