10 Things You Did Now Know About Avengers: Endgame

It all pays off well for Marvel fans who have stood by the Marvel Cinematic Universe for more than a decade and who can’t wait to see more of it, even after 22 movies. Avengers: Endgame concludes the Infinity stone saga perfectly, giving the fans exactly what they wanted.

It almost seemed impossible to pull-off something like this, but Kevin Feige did not disappoint us at all. He was able to keep the superhero genre fresh, as even after 22 movies the fans can’t seem to get enough of it. Endgame was emotional, as we finally bid farewell to some of our favorite characters who were right there from the start.

Even after all the hype surrounding this movie, it is hard to keep track of all the buzz. So, here are 10 things you might find interesting about Avengers: Endgame.

#1: Passing the Gauntlet

Avnegers Endgame Marvel

During the final fight, we can the characters trying to prevent Thanos from getting his hands on the Gauntlet. The character which relays the Gauntlet from Clint to Tony are Black Panther, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel, which is a metaphor for the Original Avengers passing the torch to the new generation.

#2: Thanos vs Iron Man

Avnegers Endgame Marvel

Thanos was originally an Iron Man villain in the comics in 1973. In Endgame, Thanos is portrayed as the personal archenemy of Iron Man as he makes his mission to defeat Thanos himself and take him on after the events of New York in Avengers (2012).

#3: 22

Avnegers Endgame Marvel

At the start of the movie, Tony and Nebula are stranded in space with nowhere to go for 22 days, it is a subtle nod to Endgame being the 22nd movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

#4: Thanos’ creator Cameo

Avnegers Endgame Marvel

Jim Starlin, the original creator of Thanos makes a brief appearance at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame as a member of the support group Cap goes to. The bald man with glasses and goatee is none other than Jim Starlin himself.

#5: Captain Marvel

Avnegers Endgame Marvel

Captain Marvel was portrayed as the strongest Avenger and we even got a glimpse of her powers in her movie, but she had a very small role in Avengers Endgame. Carol Danvers has less than 10 minutes of screen time in the movie which is surprising.

#6: Hail Hydra

Avnegers Endgame Marvel

When Tony Stark time travels to go in the past he has an encounter with his father, Howard Stark, who mentions working with Arnim Zola, revealing that the former war-time enemies were working together at SHIELD at this time.

#7: X-Men

Avnegers Endgame Marvel

When we see the scene where the memorial for all the snap victims, we can see a name – Roberto de Costa, who is a mutant by the name of Sunspot. This is first real confirmation of an X-Men character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

#8: Deleted Tony Stark Scene

Avnegers Endgame Marvel

In a deleted scene, After Tony Stark snapped Thanos and his army, he goes to the Soul World, where he meets his daughter, Morgan, who is now a teenager (Played by Katherine Langford), just like the scene at the end of Infinity War involving Thanos.

#9: New Captain America

Avnegers Endgame Marvel

Anthony Mackie did not know about the fate of his character until Chris Evans told him. Anthony said in an interview, “I am very happy I got that moment with Chris, for him to not only pass me the shield, but to tell me it was happening.”

#10: I Love you 3000

Avnegers Endgame Marvel

Robert Downey Jr. told the Russos about how one of his children said “I love you 3000” to him. The directors liked the phrase so much that they finally decided to include it in the final cut of the film. Thus, creating one of the most heart-warming moments in the movie.

It was hard to say goodbye to these characters as they have entertained us so much but at the same time we were lucky to live in a time where we were able to see so many of our childhood heroes on the big screen.

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