Stephen Amell Claims Unexpected Return in Arrow Final Season to Make Fans Go Crazy

The Arrow final season is nigh. The end is coming closer and closer. The one TV Show that started it all, the father of the Arrow Verse is about to come to bid farewell after its eighth and last season. Stephen Amell, who valiantly played the character Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow on the sets of the show has yet another surprise for us all. He claims that the last season of Arrow will be filled up with nostalgic moments. One moment in particular, will appeal very much to the true fans of the show. If you love Arrow and like the lore surrounding the character, you will love what he has to say. Presenting – Stephen Amell claims unexpected return in Arrow Final Season to make fans go crazy!

Stephen Amell Arrow Final Season

The eighth season will almost certainly have a connection to the Crisis on Infinite Earths story line that the network is currently working on as of right now. But there is another surprise for us all. The Arrow Verse fans are in for a treat this time. Stephen Amell just revealed the return of a very important element from the previous seasons of Arrow. It is none other than – the Queen Mansion.

Stephen Amell took to his Twitter account to reveal the image of the Queen Mansion, the home of Oliver Queen and family, along with a touching caption. Here is the post we are talking about:

Stephen Amell Arrow Final SeasonThe Caption reads:

“Blast from the past! Blast from the past? Blast from the present?”

We never actually got to see the Queen Mansion in all its glory after Season 2 and Season 3. The tie-in comics do a pretty good job at explaining how and why the Queen Mansion burned down. The comics explain that Caleb Green decided to pursue Oliver into the Mansion and was responsible for the house burning down. The Church of Blood member will most probably return in the eighth season of the show although nothing can be officially claimed to be of absolute certainty. The last time we got to look at the rubble that was once the Queen Mansion was in the seventh season of the show where we see Emiko Queen visit Robert Queen’s grave with the Queen Mansion in ruins in the background.

Stephen Amell Arrow Final Season

We have to consider the possibility that the new season will begin with a Flashback episode. The very title of the first episode of Premiere Episode of the last season of the show is “Starling City”. That does ring some bells. Starling City was the rechristened identity of Star City after Ray Palmer, played by Brandon Routh, took over as the City’s Guardian angel and was then supposedly killed. If the Flashback scene will take us to the times of Starling City, then that means the Queen Mansion would still be standing as the Building was only destroyed after the end of Season 2.

Stephen Amell Arrow Final Season

With Arrow’s final episode being prepped for the eventual death of the Green Arrow as prophesized by the Monitor, Oliver Queen is getting his gears ready to meet his maker. There is a lot riding on the show since it will be the vanguard that leads the rest of the Arrow Verse into the planned Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. What happens next is as good as everybody’s guess.

Show-runner Beth Schwartz had this to say:

“There are so many characters [to consider]. So many characters,” Schwartz explains in her latest interview. “And we’re definitely thinking about all of that, because just as much as our fans want to see it, as people who have been on the show for a long time, we are also fans of these characters. So we’re going to make sure that everyone has a great final season.”

Stephen Amell Arrow Final Season

“That’s the exciting part of next season, only having 10 episodes,” Schwartz reveals. “We’ve [been] brainstorming and thinking about who we want back, because there are so many characters that we love… I think every episode is just going to be humongous. We’re going to fit it all in, and it’s definitely going to be an amazing season.”

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