Tom vs. Bieber – The Fight of the Century Likely to Happen at UFC

Tom vs. Bieber:

We live in a crazy world! Just 2 weeks ago, Justin Bieber out of nowhere posted a challenge to fight Tom Cruise! People love Tom Cruise even more than they’ve started to love Keanu Reeves very recently, so the internet was obviously going to be taken by storm. No one in their wildest dreams would have imagined a fight between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise. But then again, the pop star wanted for it to happen. Here’s what Bieber wrote:

Even all the Bieliebers are going to agree with the fact that Cruise can kick his ass! Generally, you say that a 25-year-old man at the prime of his strength should be able to take down a 56-year-old man, but you can’t say that for Mr. Cruise! He may not have gotten into a fight throughout his life, but we know what he goes through to film his scenes in every action movie he does. He sure would have trained for quite a while in different types of Martial arts and other fighting styles because in a way, he is a method actor who does his own stunts. No matter how dangerous they are, Uncle Tom is going to do it!

Tom Cruise Justin Bieber
Tom vs. Bieber

Do you really believe that someone like a Justin Bieber could take down a daredevil like Tom Cruise? Well, you will be proven wrong when the fight between the two Celebs happens. Till now, Tom hasn’t accepted the challenge but sources close to the actor has said that he’s interested. What’s funny is that UFC Canada wants it and Connor McGregor himself has offered to host the match.

A new report from WGTC suggests that Cruise is interested only if the UFC can make it happen. Now this shouldn’t be a big deal for UFC considering the names that are involved. This is picking up a lot of steam and apparently, the co-CEO of the William Morris Endeavor agency, Ari Emanuel who also owns the UFC, called Scooter Braun, the manager of Bieber for confirmation. Emanuel was told that the tweet wasn’t a joke and Bieber was definitely up for the fight.

Tom Cruise Justin Bieber
Tom vs. Bieber

While posting the challenge, Bieber also tagged Dana White, current president of the UFC in his tweet. And, Ari Emanuel also spoke to White about setting this fight up. White just can’t wait to do it and he even told Emanuel that:

“This would be an epic fight that needs to happen. I’d be an idiot not to make this fight. That would be the easiest fight to ever promote in the history of my career.”  

Now Emanuel also believed that Cruise’s camp would surely accept the challenge since things have gotten dead serious after starting from a mere tweet. You may have thought that people forgot about it in the past 2 weeks, but this matter has actually picked up quite a lot of steam. Considering the fact that people are so excited about this and Tom Cruise doesn’t have a movie coming out until next year June, he would soon accept the challenge so it could be arranged.

It will actually be interesting to see if Justin Bieber could come up with something cool because Cruise has been claimed as the winner even before the fight has begun. All the Bieliebers would be in for a disappointment as soon as Cruise accepts the challenge. Hopefully, this fight doesn’t cause any injuries to both the celebs because they’ve got long careers ahead of them. So, let’s see what happens.

Tell us who would you support – Tom or Bieber?

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