14 Most Powerful Forbidden Jutsus in The World of Naruto – Ranked

In the world of Naruto, Ninjas perform several nature release techniques that allow them to manipulate an aspect of the natural order. Apart from Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Lightning release styles, there are also several other non-elemental techniques that allow a Ninja to control space-time, enhance his natural attributes by a factor of thousands and even cheat death. By proper use of chakra, Ninjas all over the world have developed a multitude of Jutsus, some of which are so particularly dangerous that they are called Kinjutsu – Forbidden Jutsus that are banned from being taught to someone else or even being used in combat. There are a lot of Forbidden Jutsus in Naruto but some of them are so noteworthy that they do end up stealing the show. Presenting – 14 Most Powerful Forbidden Jutsus in the world of Naruto – Ranked!

 14. Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags

Jutsus Naruto

This technique uses a specially designed set of explosive tags to attack an enemy. The explosive tags are designed in such a manner that they reproduce another set of explosive tags right before they explode themselves. The process involves the tags attaching themselves to the target and recreating more tags, thus leading to an infinite amount of explosions. The reason this is a forbidden technique is that the person performing it has to use his own body as a medium for the explosive tags. This means that it is a certain death technique for the user.

 13. Living Corpse Reincarnation

Jutsus Naruto

This technique was developed by Lord Orochimaru after many hit-and-trial experiments he conducted on several innocent human lives. Living Corpse reincarnation allows Orochimaru to transfer his mind and consciousness into another human being, thus effectively becoming immortal in a sense. It is termed a Forbidden Jutsu since it defies the natural order of things by granting mortal immortality.

 12. One’s Own Life Reincarnation

Jutsus Naruto

One’s Own Life Reincarnation is a forbidden technique that was developed by the Village Hidden in Sand’s Puppet Brigade. This technique allows the performing Ninja to transfer his or her life force into a dead body, resurrecting the latter at the cost of the former’s life. If a person has enough life force, he can still manage to stay alive after resurrecting a comrade. This technique can also use the Chakra of another third part for assistance in case the performing ninja’s chakra levels are too low to do it.

 11. Multiple Shadow Clone Technique

Jutsus Naruto

The Multiple Shadow Clone technique is a variant of the Shadow Clone technique invented by Tobirama Senju, a Ninja Genius. The Shadow Clone Technique creates several real-life duplicates of the ninja who uses it. Each clone gets a portion of the chakra depending on the amount of clones created. If there are two clones, then the chakra of the user is distributed amongst the three. If there are three clones, the Chakra is distributed quarterly and so on and so forth. The Multiple Shadow Clone Technique creates hundreds of shadow clones and thus, can lead to death due to chakra deficiency and exhaustion if used by someone with low levels of Chakra.

 10. Human Puppetry

Jutsus Naruto

The Village hidden in Sand created the Puppet Brigade, a special class of ninjas that used puppets that had several trick functions controlled by chakra threads in combat. Sasori, their strongest ever Puppet Master, decided to take things up a notch when he created the Human Puppet technique. Puppets are generally made out of wood and iron. But in the Human Puppet technique, it is a human body with its organs removed and then adding weapons and other defensive units in their place. The Human Puppet technique also preserves the dead body’s Kekkei Genkai if he or she had any.

 9. Wind Release: Rasenshuriken

Jutsus Naruto

This technique is the pinnacle of Naruto’s years of training. Using his signature offensive movie – the Rasengan, and adding his own nature transformation into it Naruto first created the Wind Release: Rasengan. Then he worked on it further to create the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken – a technique so deadly that Tsunade declared it a Forbidden Jutsu right after she saw it in action for the first time. The technique creates a huge explosion of wind chakra, with anyone caught within the blast radius subject to bombardment from millions of microscopic wind blades that destroy the chakra pathway system in such a way that the ninja will never be able to use any Jutsus ever again.

 8. Fury

Jutsus Naruto

The Fury technique was developed by En no Gyoja, an ally of the Hidden Leaf Village. This technique is so destructive in nature that it can completely annihilate a whole ninja village. The technique requires a lot of chakra to be performed and thus works in two phases. The first phase starts accumulating natural energy from the earth and the atmosphere. The second phase is basically releasing all the energy stored in one massive explosion.

 7. Creation Rebirth

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Creation Rebirth was created by Tsunade as the ultimate Medical Ninjutsu. The Human body is composed of cells. Each cell replicates itself and the new cells take the place of the dead or injured cells. That is how healing works. Creation Rebirth pumps so much chakra into the healing factor of Tsunade’s body that the healing becomes almost instantaneous and she is able to recover from multiple deadly injuries in seconds. But since the human cell capacity for regeneration is limited, hastening the cell regeneration process will only cut Tsunade’s lifespan in half.

 6. Dead Demon Consuming Seal

Jutsus Naruto

This technique was developed by the Uzumaki clan, experts in sealing techniques. Dead Demon Consuming Seal is so powerful that it can even seal a tailed beast as strong as the nine-tails within a human host. The technique was also a very well-kept secret and not even Orochimaru was aware of its existence. The technique allows the user to common the Shinigami aka the God of Death. The Shinigami would then use the summoner’s soul as a medium to get hold of the enemy ninja and seal both their souls within the netherworld. It is a suicidal jutsu that leads to the certain death of both the summoner and the opponent.

 5. Izanagi

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The Sharingan only allows for illusions to be cast upon other individuals, making them think that the illusions they see are actually the reality. In Izanagi, the process is reversed. The illusion is not cast on the enemy but on reality itself. As a result, reality will bend to the user’s will and all of the user’s imaginations will become real. This technique will allow a Sharingan user to escape certain death and even turn the tide of battle. But it comes at a great cost – the Sharingan that casts Izanagi is permanently lost.

 4. Eight Gates Technique

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In Taijutsu, there are eight gates of Chakra that control its flow in the human body – The gate of Opening, Healing, Life, View, Wonder, Limit, Pain and Death. Opening one gate alone is enough to make you a super-powered maniac. Opening all the eight gates allows the user to enter the Eight Gates Released Transformation. In this state, the user gains enough power that could dwarf that of even the five Kages. The technique gives the user godlike strength but can permanently injure or even kill the user.

 3. Izanami

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While Izanagi tries to alter the caster’s destiny, Izanami is the technique that decides it. This technique uses several physical cues within a fight to cast an infinite Time Loop within the enemy’s mind. The enemy is forced to relive a certain event a countless number of times until he or she finally realizes his or her fault and the illusion is broken. Like Izanagi, the Sharingan that casts Izanami is also rendered completely useless forever.

 2. Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life technique

Jutsus Naruto

This technique can only be performed by someone who has the Rinnegan, the eyes of God himself. Using this technique leads to the summoning of the King of Hell, who can then bring back one or thousands of individuals from the afterlife. This technique brings back people to life at the cost of the person’s own life and thus comes at a great cost. Nagato, one of the most powerful ninjas to ever exist, died after performing this technique to bring back all the people of Hidden Leaf Village who had died in the aftermath of Pains’ assault on Konohagakure.

 1. Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation

Jutsus Naruto

The one jutsu that started it all, Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation led to the Fourth Shinobi World War, an unprecedented event in the history of Ninja-Kind. This technique was the reason Amegakure, a small ninja village was able to match up to all the five great ninja villages combined. This technique allowed for reincarnating dead people and bringing them back to life as bodies of ash and dust with limitless levels of Chakra and the ability to recover from any damage, even from complete dismemberment. The reincarnated ninjas will have the same skills and powers that they used to have when they were alive, down to their Kekkei Genkai. The Jutsu was developed by Tobirama Senju while Orochimaru improved it and Kabuto Yakushi perfected it later.

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