New Iron Man & Rescue Photo From Avengers: Endgame is Going to Make You Cry

Avengers: Endgame brought in a lot of sacrifices from our beloved superheroes. And, we simply can’t thank Black Widow and Iron Man enough. We will never forget the sacrifice they made for the whole universe. Well, we are glad that a solo Black Widow film is finally coming but we aren’t going to have anything of Tony Stark aka Iron Man now ever. That is the reason why we all are a little bit more saddened for Tony Stark. In the middle of all the chaos of emotions inside our heart, one photo has made its way on the internet and we don’t know how to stop our tears.

The picture has been posted by a member of Marvel Studios’ Art Department, Liz Georgoff. Here’s the pic:

Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Rescue

“Once upon a time, Marvel asked me to wear the Pepper Potts Rescue Suit for a publicity photo shoot. It will always be such an honor to have been one of four women ever to have worn it and to have posted in it with the talented Christopher Swift, my real life Iron Man. Thank you for building these awesome suits with Legacy Effects and for this incredible experience.”

Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Rescue

Well, we don’t know whether Marvel is going to release this picture ever officially or not but, we are glad that Georgoff gave us another reason to celebrate the eternal love between the very first couple of Marvel. Well, there’s no chance we are going to have Robert Downey Jr. again in front of us on the big screen, for the whole story of Tony has been told. Christopher Markus also said,

Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Rescue

“That’s the life he’s been striving for, Markus explained to the NY Times. “Are he and Pepper going to get together? Yes. They got married, they had a kid, it was great. It’s a good death. It doesn’t feel like a tragedy. It feels like a heroic, finished life.”

Avengers: Endgame is still playing in theaters.

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