Avengers: Endgame Actress Lexi Rabe (Morgan Stark) is Encountering Bullying

Amidst the massive cast of Avengers: Endgame, there was a sweet little girl named Maguna! After the 5-year time jump, we see that Tony Stark began a family, and has been raising his daughter Morgan Stark. Her role was quite little in the film, but it was great. Actress Lexi Rabe portrayed the role amazingly well, and she made us love Iron Man even more than 3000! But it seems that even celebrities aren’t safe from bullying.

Rabe has taken to Instagram to tell us she’s been facing a lot of bullies lately. Apparently, it seems that the sudden success as a courtesy of Endgame has caused the 7-year-old to be on the receiving end of some of the bullyings. We’ve not heard of any particular instances yet, but it seems that it is a result of not stopping for autographs or pictures with fans, as her mother Jessica explains in the message.

Avengers: Endgame
Avengers: Endgame

Here’s a part of the message take Jessica Rabe (Lexi’s mother) wrote on Instagram:

“We give her a talking and we give her timeouts but we don’t do that in public. Sometimes were rushing from place to place stressed like everyone else to get to set on time or work or whatever and we seem a little grumpy.”  


Taking a look at the other posts on Instagram and other social platforms, it seems that a significant amount of bullying is actually happening on social media. Come on people! She’s just a sweet little kid. Leave her be and let her grow in a free world just like the other children. Spread the word and don’t bully the baby.

We love you 3000 Maguna. See you again at the theatres this weekend.

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