Marvel Releases Official Photo of Captain America Wielding Mjolnir From Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame stands to be the best Marvel movie ever. We all are blessed to have watched this film on the big screen as it was really an experience of a lifetime. Also, connecting these many films in one thread is the work of a genius and they did it perfectly. There were a lot of hoot-worthy moments in Endgame, but, Captain America wielding the Mjolnir is literally the very best of them. And, now Chuck Zlotnick, the photographer at Marvel has shared a photo of the same moment, Captain America having Mjolnir in one hand and the shield on the other.

Avengers: Endgame Marvel

The picture has already been shared on various social media platforms because literally, it is a must-have picture for every Captain America fan out there. Well, without wasting any of your time, here’s the post shared by Zlotnick:

I’m sure for Chris Evans fans, this picture must have brought back all those wonderful memories of Captain America. Well, talking about Captain America wielding the Mjolnir, then it was teased back in Age of Ultron when during a small celebration Thor challenges everyone to lift the Mjolnir. And, it was Captain who made Thor shiver. But, couldn’t lift it and the reason for this has been stated by Joe Russo on Happy Sad Confused Podcast. He said,

Spider-Man: Far From Home Captain Americ

“I think everyone who’s a Marvel fan at that moment where Cap tested the hammer, felt deep down in their heart that he was worthy and that he could potentially lift that and boy wouldn’t it be special if one day he did. And obviously, if you create drama around the circumstances of him wielding the hammer and then kicking Thanos’ ass for 30 seconds after that, we felt like we could create a riseable moment for the audience.”

So, what was your reaction when Captain wielded the Mjolnir? Tell us in the comments section down below.

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