The Walking Dead Actor Roped In By Disney To Play Shang Chi – Marvel’s Greatest Fighter!!

As the 21st Century hits the movie-making industry in full force, Hollywood is forced to adapt to the winds of change. No longer is the theatres just a White Man’s world! Today is all about diversity and Disney is one of the first to jump into that bandwagon. After giving us a phenomenal female lead movie in the form of Captain Marvel, a first for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney intends to gather even more momentum by featuring racially diverse characters in their own solo movies. The latest to join the fray is Shang-Chi, who is considered Marvel Comics’ greatest martial arts expert. The movie is reportedly now about to enter production and the Studio has already selected a prominent actor from The Walking Dead TV Series to play Shang Chi in the Big Screens. 

With Marvel’s infamous secrecy surrounding each of their future projects, it is really hard to get any information regarding anything going on behind the curtains. What we know so far is that Marvel Studios will be soon furthering efforts to make a movie based on Shang Chi, the first ever Asian lead to get a lead role in a Marvel movie. With Shang Chi, Marvel intends to start a whole plethora of superheroes belonging to diverse races, cultures and backgrounds to further spread out the Marvel mythos globally.

The movie is getting only sparse attention from the media as of now. We know that the acclaimed Chinese-American writer Dave Callahan has been selected by Disney to write the script for the Shang Chi movie. The movie will be directed under the watchful eye of Destin Daniel Cretton. Dave Callahan is the guy who wrote the original script for Wonder Woman 1984 and will soon be behind the wheels for writing the storyline of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse 2, the sequel to the original Oscar-nominated movie. Cretton is currently engaged in Just Mercy, a story he wrote along with Brie Larson and Michael B. Jordan. Cretton is also known for his recent critically acclaimed project – Short Term 12.

As for the mystery actor who is being considered for playing the part of Shang Chi, we have a name but we are not sure just how big of a pinch of salt are we supposed to take it with. From various sources, news has come to light that Steven Yeun, the actor who is best known for playing the part of Glenn in AMC’s The Walking Dead series is the prime candidate being considered for the part. More news will surely hit the internet later. Until then, we have to go along with what is in front of us. Disney has a long history of patronizing and condescending content when it comes to making movies with prominent roles reserved for non-white actors. Let us hope they do not screw it up.

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