Armie Hammer is The Front Runner to Replace Ben Affleck as Batman

After Ben Affleck’s exit as Batman, Armie Hammer is the odds on favorite to play the young caped crusader. Yes, you’re hearing it right, there are a lot of fans around the world who are voting in the favor of Armie Hammer as the next Batman. But, there are a lot of names which are in consideration for the same role on the internet.

Batman Armie Hammer Ben Affleck

Well, we are deeply saddened because we all wanted to see Ben Affleck in Matt Reeves’ The Batman because a lot of hopes and expectations were there in the hearts of people but all of that vanished when the clouds over the rumors got cleared. It was announced recently that he isn’t going to play the caped crusader which shocked a lot of fans.

Batman Armie Hammer Ben Affleck

But, now all the attention has shifted towards one question and that is, who is going to be the next Batman in the Worlds of DC? And in order to find suggestions and possible answers, the Irish bookmakers BoyleSports have shared their odds as to who is the public’s choice and the list is down below. Have a look!

Batman Armie Hammer Ben Affleck

7/2 Armie Hammer

11/2 Jake Gyllenhaal

13/2 Jon Hamm

8/1 Michael B. Jordan

8/1 Ben Barnes

9/1 John Krasinski

10/1 Jamie Dornan

16/1 Josh Brolin

16/1 Matthew Goode

16/1 Chris Pratt

16/1 Michael Fassbender

16/1 Chris Pine

18/1 Ryan Gosling

33/1 Leonardo DiCaprio

Batman Armie Hammer Ben Affleck

33/1 Idris Elba

50/1 Keanu Reeves

50/1 Daniel Craig

50/1 Colin Farrell

50/1 Tom Hardy

50/1 Chris Evans

100/1 Cillian Murphy

100/1 Ewan McGregor

100/1 Henry Cavill

100/1 Hugh Jackman

Batman Armie Hammer Ben Affleck

Well, we have to say that there are some very interesting names on the list and we would love to see them as the next Batman. But, we want to know from you, from all these names which is the best and rightful candidate for the character of Batman? Tell us in the comments section down below.

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