18 Highly Anticipated Animated Movies Hitting The Theatres This Year

Behind the rumble of the superhero movies these days, one major sector that is making a killing in the Box Office but has seldom come to everyone’ notice is the animated movies department. Spider-Man: into the Spider-verse, Incredibles 2, Hotel Transylvania 2, The Grinch, Death of Superman were big names last year. 2019 holds similar promise. Presenting – 18 Highly anticipated animated movies hitting the theatres this year

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part – February 8

Anticipated Animated Movies

Mike Mitchell is the director of the sequel to the original Lego movie. Warner Bros. is actually going all out in the animation sector with a lot of animated ventures under their banner. The Lego Movie 2 will feature characters from the previous movie and face a new threat – alien Lego Duplo invaders.

The Queen’s Corgi- February 13

Directed by Ben Stassen, The Queen’s Corgi will be about how Rex, a pampered dog of Corgi breed that happens to be the British Monarch’s most beloved pet, is lost and ends up in a dog fighting club. The movie will see him journey into all sorts of adventures on his quest to find his master again.     

How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World – February 22

Anticipated Animated Movies

Toothless returns. And this time, there is a whole new world of dragons that he will explore. The movie will be Dreamworks’ only animated production this year and will be the last installment in the highly coveted “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise. Let us hope they give it a proper farewell.

Wonder Park – March 15

Wonder park tells the story of a random girl coming across a magical amusement park as events unfold that threaten to destroy the place as it is. Spain’s Ilion Animation Studios has ramped up production to make this movie a reality.

Missing Link – April 12

Anticipated Animated Movies

Laika is known for its stop motion masterpieces. They come back to the big Screens with Missing Link, a movie about the final missing piece between man and ape in the evolutionary ladder. Laika is keen to develop techniques to make their stop motion animations more life-like. The have developed a special air breathing apparatus to make their characters look as if they are breathing in real time.

Uglydolls – May 10

Along with his Troublemaker Studio outfit, Robert Rodriguez is making the movie in conjunction with the production studio outfit of STX Entertainment. The movie is based on the immensely popular Uglydolls brand of toys.

Farmageddon – A Shaun the Sheep movie – May 15

Anticipated Animated Movies

Arrdman Animation of UK brought us the Oscar nominated animated venture Shaun the Sheep movie. They return this time with the sequel to the original 2015 movie. The farm animals will be going against alien invaders this time. The movie is being directed by Richard Starzak so there is one other thing to look forward to as well.

The Secret Life of pest 2 – June 7

The animation department of Illumination Production gave us The Secret Life of Pets, a movie that was a Box Office giant when it released in 2016. The original movie earned more than 875 Million dollars worldwide and the sequel is expected to top it this time. Although the lead dog Max will not be returning this time after the massive #MeToo scandal that caught up with Louis CK, the guy who voices Max in the original movie. Louis has been kicked out of the project.

Toy Story 4 – June 21

Anticipated Animated Movies

The Toy Story franchise is already more than a billion dollars strong at the Box Office. Toy Story 3 was one of the highest grossing movies ever made. Toy Story 4 will be about the toy team going in search of the missing Bo Peep, Woody’s love interest in the Toy Story Universe. The movie was supposed to be released in 2017 but has since been postponed to 2019. Let us hope they do not pot pone this thing any longer.

The Lion King – July 19

The Lion King Remake

Disney might be calling it a live action remake. It is anything but. It is actually photo-real computer animation along with customized virtual production that makes it look like the movie has been ‘shot’ instead of being Computer generated. The director of the movie is none other than Jon Favreau. Jon Favreau is better known as the guy who plays Happy Hogan in the Iron Man movies. Yeah, that guy is a Director.

Wish Dragon – July 26

Jackie Chan’s Sparkle Roll Media has joined hands with China’s Base Animation Studio along with Sony Pictures Animation to make this movie which is said to be a retelling of the genie in a bottle story line but with a modern twist and apt humor. The movie is set not in the West or in the Middle East this time. It is set in contemporary China. Interesting indeed!!

Playmobil: The Movie – August 16

Anticipated Animated Movies

Based on the famous Playmobil toy line, the Computer generated animation venture is the story of how a loving sister has to let go of her structured lifestyle and explore the unpredictable world of Playmobil to find her missing brother. The Playmobil franchise is popular amongst the children but the movie is said to be of a mature theme. How will the movie make money if the target audience for the movie is not the ones that buy the toys that are characters in the movie in the first place? Only time can give us the answer.

Angry Birds 2 – September 6

The Finnish mobile game that has since become a household phenomenon has spanned a TV Show along with a financially successful movie. Columbia Pictures has started work on the sequel of the original Angry Birds movie that came out in 2016. Expect a lot of pig ass-kicking this time as well.

Spies in Disguise – September 13

Anticipated Animated Movies

The movie is in news for two things – it has a good concept and two popular stars are voicing the lead characters. Will Smith is the titular super spy that is turned into a pigeon by Tom Holland’s character. The movie is based on the 2009 short film Pigeon: Impossible by Lucas Martell. Spies in Disguise will be a spy comedy movie with an ensemble voice cast so expect it to be big news when it releases this September.

Abominable – September 27

It was previously called Everest. The name has since been changed after Pearl Studios, the parent Production Studio, separated from Oriental Dreamworks. Although the movie is still being made jointly by the two, we have yet to have further details about the movie which will be a retelling of the Magical Yeti beings found in the Himalayas.

The Addams Family – October 18

Anticipated Animated Movies

Canada’s Cinesite Animation Studios has taken up the project. Their newly acquired Vancouver branch will be tasked with making this venture a reality. The Vancouver branch was previously known as Nitrogen Studios, the ones that gave us the weird R-rated Sausage Party animated movie. The Addams Family will be focusing on the Addams trying to stop the machinations of an evil reality show host all the while preparing for a grand celebration.

Frozen 2 – November 27

Upcoming Disney Movies

Looks like Disney just can’t ‘Let it Go’ (pun intended). Frozen is considered the world’s highest grossing animated movie ever. It has spawned several merchandise lines and even a Broadway musical along with a live action remake. The sequel will see the return of the sibling sisters as well as many of the original characters, including Olaf the talking snowman.

Klaus – Christmas

Anticipated Animated Movies

Sergio Pablos – Remember the name. The guy is the one who gave us the Despicable Me franchise and the Smallfoot, one of the finest sleeper hits of the year of its release. He has come over to the Big Screen game once again with Klaus, a movie that is supposed to be about the origin story of Santa Claus, the guy who brings cheers to every child’s face after Christmas Eve. Sergio Pablos will be making the movie with the help of his Studio based out of Madrid called Sergio Pablos Animation Studios. The movie will be exclusive to Netflix and is one more reason to subscribe to Netflix before Christmas this year if you still haven’t.

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