Can There Be ‘Joker’ Movie Without The Dark Knight?

The principal photography of Todd Phillips’ movie, Joker having Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime is in full swing at the moment. The film’s cast has a lot of wonderful actors and actresses portraying some of the most important characters in the film but to see Batman’s absence from the movie is making fans and people scratch their hands because they all know Joker’s existence demands Batman’s presence.

But for now, we’re not having a look at the role of Bruce Wayne despite knowing that their antagonistic relationship is one of the most historical and popular in the comic book history. Batman isn’t just an enemy of Joker as he’s fighting with a clever villain who breaks the philosophies and thinks of people first and kills them afterward. But Batman plays an important role in the life of Joker as because of him only, a small criminal got inspired and took a vat of weird chemicals to his resurrection as the Joker.

Despite not having any signs of the role of Bruce Wayne in movie Joker, there were some good signs for being positive as we saw Brett Cullen replacing Alec Baldwin for portraying the role of Thomas Wayne (Bruce Wayne’s father). So, if the movie is going to show us Thomas Wayne, then there are chances that we can some glimpses of Bruce Wayne as a young boy who is going to be full of life and not having a hint about what the future holds for him. But according to the sources, it’s going to happen and the unthinkable is going to happen as possibly we can see a Batman-less Joker movie.

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The idea of presenting the back-story of Joker, as what he really was before turning into one of the maddest and vicious villains in the history of superheroes’ world is all about showing the unfortunate events which happened with him and pushed him in the wrong direction. In the classic story about the origin of Joker, ‘The Killing Joke’ by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland shows that he was before what he is today and also shows a bog light on the events because of which he turned into a mad villain.

The 1989’s Batman was the one since when this concept has been ignored multiple times, which shows that the character wasn’t a born-criminal but was a mobster of mediocre level named as Jack Napier and obviously before that clash in Ace Chemicals Factory in Dark Knight by Michael Keaton. Moving forward with this, we got to see him as Mafia Hitman in the film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, which was an animated one and came in 1993. He was the one who was responsible for creating the titular vigilante.

But the most common example we can take from is that television series Gotham, in which we see a slightly younger Joker named as Jerome Valeska. Who was the son of a circus performer, also had something for the carny culture, he was a deadly mass killer and didn’t have a direct impact from Bruce Wayne and we’ve seen that Joaquin Phoenix has been seen on the sets with some clowns around him and wasn’t a big circus-look, maybe it’s time to understand that the movie is taking ideas to form the series of Fox.

But the fans are keeping their eyes on the surprising addition of Thomas Wayne Jr. as the film opens the floodgates for an adult Bruce to come out as Batman, also the point of concern is whether they’ll give a small screen appearance to Batman despite him being the most popular superhero and also a big part of Joker’s life.

Also, to see a movie in which we will see the rise of Joker and will not see Batman seems to be like an idea from the past and not an effective one. It’s true that Joker doesn’t need Batman to become one of the most iconic and popular villains in comic books’ history but at the same time, it’s also about the eternal truth that we cannot see the maddest version of Joker despite Batman’s incoming and making him feel the pain.

The movie is scheduled to be released on October 4, 2019.

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