The Resistance Has a Deadly Secret Weapon to End The First Order

Star Wars is the quintessential Billion dollar franchise you just cannot hate. They have aliens, mysterious warriors with telepathic powers, spaceships, fantastical alien planets and a damn great setting to begin with. George Lucas’ brainchild has come a long way and continues to grow as we speak. The Sith and the Empire have been replaced by a new threat in the Star Wars Universe. It is the First Oder, a new breed of troops led by Kylo Ren, a Force user who does not believe in either the Light Side or the Dark Side that continues to wage a war against the Galaxy and vows to subjugate it by any means. And he is winning. The First Order has conquered almost everything there is. But if you think the Resistance is now a toothless tiger, we urge you to think again. Presenting – The Resistance has a deadly secret weapon to end the First Order!!

We can thank the late Carrie Fisher for this. In spirit, even after her death in real life, she continues to guide her fans through the maze of the Galaxy far, far away in a peculiar fashion. The First Order came into being from the ashes of the Old Empire and the Galaxy has bowed down to its feet.

General Leia Organa now leads the only contingent of troops that have a chance against defeating the bad guys. But with The Last Jedi showing us the death of the true hero of the Galaxy and the only Light Side Jedi Master alive, Luke Skywalker, becoming one with the Force, there seems to be no hope for the Galaxy left. Or is there? A new fan theory suggests that this dark cloud just might have a silver lining after all.

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Ever thought what were the Resistance doing all this time I mean they sure were fighting tooth and nail against the First order, but what was their grand objective? How did they ever plan to defeat the First Order once and for all? If your answer is through attrition, you all are going to be proved wrong in the next paragraphs. There is a reason the Star Wars movies are going the way they are in the theatres.

The First Order has literally conquered everything. Everything except what we know as ‘The Unknown Region.’ It is the final frontier that will make the bad guys the true victors of the Galaxy. Kylo Ren intends to do what Supreme Leader Snoke could not. He wants to win invade the Unknown Region and bring it under his rule, thus cementing total domination over the galaxy. And herein lies the kicker – the Resistance are counting on this fact.

The Resistance intends to ally with the only known force that could challenge the strength of the First Order. The Hutts are the Galaxy’s most feared crime syndicate and they have the troop strength to challenge Kylo’s First order. But the Resistance is not counting on this coalition to defeat the forces of the Order in the Unknown Region, which reportedly has just witnessed the completion of the first large-scale military base of the First Order and will serve as the staging ground for the region’s subsequent invasion.

The First Order is also now working on a deadly weapon of its own design. They have already shown that they have the acumen to build the Star Killer base, a weapon that can destroy entire stars. But as it turns out, the Resistance also has an ace up its sleeve. It also has a deadly weapon of its own design that can rival the Star Killer. And they have been saving it up for just an occasion like this. The Resistance intends to launch a combined, last-ditch effort to push back the First Order and use the momentum to defeat them once and for all. We don’t know what weapon they might be hiding for now, but we do know that it will play a pivotal part in the last part of The Last Jedi trilogy.

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