Here Are the Latest Avengers 4 News Updates

Avengers: Infinity War came in, blasted other movies, had a blistering run at the Box Office, blew everyone’s brains and is now blazing the hype for Avengers 4. Infinity War was the most anticipated movie of the decade, and now that baton has been passed on to Avengers 4 as people just can’t stop thinking about the culmination of everything that Marvel has built in the span of the last 11 years and 20 movies. There is obviously the campaign for Captain Marvel going on as that would be the first MCU movie of 2019, but to follow that would be the big finale that everyone is waiting for.

Now that we are done with the first batch of Captain Marvel, the EW reveal and the debut trailer, we can actually move on to the next biggest thing, which is Avengers 4. The movie is currently hard at reshoots. Just a few days ago, we got a look at a slew of photos from the Reshoots showing Chris Evans’ beardless Steve Rogers, Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang, and Scarlett Johansson’s red-headed Natasha Romanoff.

Later on, Mark Ruffalo went on to confirm the fact about reshoots and they are currently deciding upon a suitable ending for the film. He confirmed that the press tour for Avengers 4 will soon begin after they are done with the principal photography of the Reshoots. They are currently deciding upon a suitable ending for the film. He confirmed that the press tour for Avengers 4 will soon begin after they are done with the principal photography of the Reshoots. He said:

“Well we’re doing reshoots starting in September. And then we’ll go back into the international tour, we’ll go on tour. Then you guys will get the second installment. Which we don’t even know what it’s gonna be yet. We’re not just doing reshoots, we’re going to finish the movie, which we really didn’t get to finish totally when we left it last year.”

He mentioned the fact that necessary alterations are being made, and a lot of stuff is being produced on the fly with the directors Joe & Anthony Russo coordinating with the actors and the writers. He continued:

“Some of it is happening while we’re there. It’s pretty amazing. And we’ll shoot some stuff and a few days later come back and reshoot it cause we wanna take it in another direction. It’s a very living organism, even as we approach it being a locked picture, we’re still working on it.”

The Russos mentioned a while ago where they’re at with Avengers 4. Anthony Russo confirmed the fact that they will be done with everything till March 2019, and the movie will be ready for us to witness come this May. He said:

“We’ve worked on the edit all summer and we’re excited to finally get these missing pieces in the film and then we expect to be in post through the fall and winter. We hope to be done by March.”

Latest Avengers 4 News

The very latest update given by the Russos was a tweet of an image of Joe Russo sitting in a chair on a set piece, and they asked us to look very hard. At first, people thought that this would be a tease for the upcoming reveal of the title of Avengers 4. Kevin Feige told us earlier this year about when the title will be revealed as he said:

“That’ll be after the Captain Marvel teaser probably, announcing that title. It’ll be towards the end of the year with however we launch that film.”

So given that with the latest tweet of the Russos, people were able to come up with Endgame yet again, but as it turns out, the Russos weren’t actually teasing the title, but it was the big machine put in, on the set piece right in the back.

Perhaps this device, which was apparently spotted in Avengers: Infinity War has some great relevance in the plot of Avengers 4. It may be important for the highly teased BARF tech, or it may even be the tech that helps the Avengers to travel through the Quantum Realm.

Avengers 4 Captain America can cheat death

The reveal of the title will be coming real soon. We might have it by mid-October after Venom comes out. Let’s just hope it does, so we could move on to the next big thing, which is the first trailer for Avengers 4 (November end/ December) and the second story trailer for Captain Marvel (January).

Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019.

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