Find Out John Cena’s Mysterious Character in Bumblebee!

The trailer for the movie Bumblebee is receiving a lot of appreciation and one of the oldest franchise is going to have another installment in their rich list of tremendous movies and also is going to be centered on their one of the most beloved autobots ‘Bumblebee’. The new trailer was released on September 24, 2018, while its international trailer was released on the same date showing that Bumblebee was formerly disguised into an old Jeep Wrangler before he became a Volkswagen Beetle. The trailer has a lot of impressive scenes but it’s the appearance of John Cena, which is making all the fuss at the moment on the internet.


So, what role is really John Cena is playing in the movie? Various reports and rumors are suggesting that he’s playing the role of Burns, who is an agent of famous Sector 7. So, is John Cena really playing the role of a G.I. Joe initiating a much-awaited crossover which will be a part of Hasbro Universe? We all know that Bumblebee is going to be a very different kind of Transformers movie but it’s hard not to have a military intrigue and chaos in the film which seems familiar if we look on the legacy of this franchise.

However, this movie isn’t going to move away from that glorious era of Transformers under Michael Bay. Instead of that, both Hasbro and Paramount Photos are looking to regenerate their amalgamated mixed IP on the big screen with a dream of making one universe for the likes of Transformers, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, and M.A.S.K. The whole credit of the idea goes to that room of writers they made back in 2015, and maybe the release of this movie is the stepping stone towards this big idea.

Also if we look at the G.I. Joe franchise, then what we find isn’t very impressive as their third movie has a release date of 2020. But no official statement has been stated regarding the return of Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock or maybe they’re waiting now and shifting the scripts from previous plans to this crossover now in G.I. Joe 3. In the media, there are reports that the end of the script written by director D.J. Caruso is having a tie with the Transformers.

Earlier, Caruso said that Paramount and Hasbro aren’t ready yet to do the crossover because Michael Bay is still in there on the producer’s seat but there have been reports that maybe even Michael Bay has agreed to this and no longer plays the part of a hurdle. Maybe this G.I. Joe 3 isn’t going to be a standalone movie and can be a light-weight in comparison to others. So, to make a crossover in-between Transformers and a G.I. Joe, maybe they’ll present the character of Agent Burns as the original G.I. Joe in the 1987 set-prequel and the character has been portrayed by John Cena.


A little glimpse is all we got of John Cena in the latest trailer of Bumblebee and the character was wrapped perfectly so that no one can know about what role the WWE-superstar is going to play. But still, all the information we can extract from the internet about his role is that he’s portraying the role of a disfigure Sector 7 diplomat Agent Burns and is behind Bumblebee. The plot of the movie tells us that it’s the Decepticons who manipulate the mind of Burns and his alien-machinery guard dogs with the thought that Bumblebee is a threat to them as he wants to terminate or seize the titular Autobot. But in the movie, maybe we’ll see Burns and Bee on the same side after Bee will earn Burn’s faith and help him save his country.


There have been many theories around the name of Cena’s casting as Burns as the name of the character suggested a connection with M.A.S.K. which is a popular cartoon from the 80s. But the scar we see on the right cheek of Burns pulls the bar towards a G.I. Joe crossover more than anything else. Also, we all know that the original G.I. Joe character had a scar on his face just like we saw on the face of Cena while stopping cheap emulation of the human anatomy.

The scar is familiar to G.I. Joe, even being propagandized the emergence of their vital characters, named as Duke, who was created back in 1983. It was Channing Tatum, who portrayed the role of Duke in “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” showing-off the famous scar. But after seeing the scar on Cena’s cheeks, a lot of fans are now wondering whether he’s playing the role of an Original G.I. Joe in the upcoming movie as 80s prototype who initiated a full-fledged crew offered by Sector 7.

Also, if Cena is playing a Joe, then what about Sector 7? The “Genuine American Heroes” has clearly shared the illicit US Paramilitary organization whose mode of operating is Sector 7. With different goals at one time, Sector 7 tries its best to eliminate all the bad Cybertronian enemies from the area but spent their most of the time in fighting with terrorist group Cobra, who is having a worldwide chaos.

Bumblebee John Cena

The best thing about this crossover is that they do have some of the best writers in the world as it doesn’t seem a big ball of rock for the combined power of Akiva Goldsman’s writers’ room to make the same unit for Sector 7 and for Joe’s part. Also while doing this, the writers can also reboot the whole franchise of Transformers and can start it from the incoming of this Bumblebee movie.

Alternatively, the only human connection is Cena’s G.I. Joe and could be the only linking thread between a confusing Sector 7, who are now playing the role of good guys and this is what they should be playing for a long time. According to this logic, maybe we can see Decepticons providing a helping hand to Cobra by their advanced technology and other things.

As for now, Hasbro and Paramount both have a similar plan of reigniting the G.I. Joe with the fresh face of John Cena and maybe they don’t know about it but to make a crossover with a franchise like Transformers which is going to be on a great role again after the release of their upcoming movie “Bumblebee”. It is getting a lot of claps from the critics and people around the world. There are many more theories about a possible crossover because the limits of imagination don’t exist. “Bumblebee” is going to release on December 20, 2018.

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