‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Teases Avengers Tower in the New Poster

Netflix is done with all three second seasons of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, and now we are going to get the best of Marvel Netflix, Daredevil Season 3. Matt Murdock, who is presumed dead by the people of Hell’s Kitchen will now return as the Devil to take down the crooked and corrupt, once and for all. The first two seasons of Daredevil were about him not crossing the ultimate line, and believing in giving people a second chance, but it seems that the third season will bring in a broken, and beaten down character, who will not care about that anymore. This is going to be the ultimate test for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and we would find out, whether or not he pays the price of being a hero.

Netflix just gave us the brand new trailer for Season 3 after the post-credits scene of Iron Fist 2 was released. Both these trailers gave us the sensation that Matt is on the verge of breaking his moral code, his one “Batman” rule. It seems that he will give into the Punisher’s motivations having lost faith the way he did things earlier.

Netflix seems to be carrying their amazing marketing tactics as they only start to release trailers and posters once they are done with the previous one, and get closer to their scheduled release date of the upcoming series. This formula has really worked with whatever they have done till now. It is unlike the movies and other shows that Marvel puts out as they start the marketing campaign around 6 months before the scheduled release.

Along with the trailer, Marvel Netflix has released the new poster for the show which is tacked on with so many clues from the bible verse and religious iconography. But if you focus clearly on the poster, you would find that Netflix is still following the trend of connecting these shows very subtly to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe and that has been done by putting in the Avengers tower in almost every poster that portrays the street level heroes of New York.

Avengers Tower Daredevil Season 3

The tower has been bought by a mysterious personality which will be revealed in Avengers 4 or Phase 4 (probably in Spider-Man: Far From Home), but until then, it is a great way to subtly connect the two different worlds which would never rather establish a big connection with a crossover event. Every season of all the shows in the wing of the Defenders have had certain Easter Eggs that make us believe that these shows are still a part of the larger Universe even though they pretend not to. The greatest aspect of the connection happened in Jessica Jones Season 2, where Jessica was aware of “The Raft” being a prison for super-powered beings of the Marvel Universe.

Daredevil Season 3 has been the most awaited show on Netflix as there has been a big gap in order to bring in other characters and get them to pace with Daredevil. Now we will finally get the show next month as the new trailer announced that it will begin streaming on Netflix October 19 onwards. That makes a new Netflix record as they will have successfully put out 4 Marvel Netflix shows this year, with The Punisher Season 2 to follow in 2019.

The new trailer made many things clear about the show. It is going to be even darker, bloody and brutal. It is obviously based upon the Born again storyline. Matt will go old school and don his old fight suit from Season 1 for a significant period of time in this season. He may go too far this time around, and break his no killing rule. Also, we saw the return of Kingpin being teased.

There have been reports which suggest that we will get to see Daredevil take on Bullseye this season. The “Born Again” storyline was teased at the very end of The Defenders where we found out that Matt is still alive and was in recovery at the Church. As he woke up, the Nun beside her orders:

“Get Maggie! Tell her he’s awake.”

Maggie is the long-lost mother of Matt Murdock and we will see her being featured this season. Daredevil Season 3 returns on October 19, only on Netflix.

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