Avengers 4 Theory: Here’s How Vision Might Return

Avengers 4 is going to bring in an insane amount of possibilities with what’s gonna happen in the plot of the film. After seeing the way Avengers: Infinity War set the finale of the MCU, the fans throughout the world have come up with countless theories which state the little details about what is going to happen in the next movie. This is pretty similar to what happened at the time of Infinity War, but the number of theories has certainly gone up to an all-time high! Because Doctor Strange brought in the aspect of more than 14 Million possibilities of the way the next movie could go, people are deducing anything and everything that could happen in the next movie. One of the facts that may come true is going to be the return of Vision.

Since Infinity War was a McGuffin chase and Vision had one of those, right in the middle of his head, it was easy to assume that he was gonna be among the dead heroes in the film. But throughout the film, it was teased that even without the Mind Stone, there could be a lot of Vision left to salvage as he is a mix of Tony, Jarvis, and even Banner.

Well, a new theory has been given by Redditor Hersonje who suggests that Vision will surely come back in Avengers 4 but he will obviously not be the same. By this time, you may have guessed that Shuri and the Wakandan technology is going to come in really handy for this to happen. The theory also ties into the aspect of Tony coming to Wakanda and teaming up with Shuri. Check it out:

“In Infinity War Shuri found a way to remove the mind stone from Vision’s forehead without killing him. Shuri found a way to let vision ‘live’ without the use of the mind stone, however Shuri said that Vision would not be the same and that only a piece of Vision would remain.

At the time when Shuri thought of a way to remove the mind stone without killing Vision she was under heavy pressure. With more time Shuri likely could have come up with a way to remove the mind stone with little effect on Vision’s personality and memory. She would use Wakandan technology to help her achieve this.

Assuming that Wakanda also has highly advanced coding technology that is more advanced than what Stark used to code JARVIS. Shuri may be able to heavily alter JARVIS’s code using her advanced coding technology to make him more human. Stark and Shuri can then reload JARVIS to a new synthetic body or a robot body, Stark and Shuri will then have to stop the upload at the exact same time Thor stopped the upload in Age Of Ultron.”

But the big question that comes in here is that will Vision be the same after getting a technical resurrection? The Artificial Intelligence that was able to think and have a brain of his own was mostly because of the Mind Stone, but this theory suggests that an advanced coding would actually help in adding an evolving mind within an Android. And for reestablishing Vision’s old memories, the theory does give us an answer. It continues:

“This begs the question, how will Vision remember what happened in Infinity War, Age Of Ultron and how will he remember about his love for Scarlet Witch? Tony can give him an idea of what happened during Infinity War and Age Of Ultron by Tony uploading his recollection of the events. Stark and Shuri can programme Vision’s relationship with the other Avengers to be similar to what they actually were and they can programme Vision to love Scarlet Witch once again.”

Avengers 4 Theory Vision

Vision coming back to life is a major possibility, or we could say it for a fact that we will see him return, and this theory is partially right, but the intricacies of reinstalling Vision’s mind would be handled differently because we cannot have a robot falling in love with Scarlet Witch. It has to be capable of evolution. So let’s see how Joe & Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely handle this aspect of Avengers 4. It comes out on May 3, 2019.

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