10 Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Potter’s Scar

A crucial thing that marks Harry’s identity is his scar that has its own backstory and significance. We know how he got the scar and how it connected him to the one who gave him the scar. It was a big link between Harry Potter and the dark lord Voldemort. There are many other things about the infamous scar that you might not know and these are some of them:

10. The position:


All of us know that Harry has a scar on his forehead but most people are not sure about its position. As we now the scar is not in the middle of the forehead and is towards the side but which side? Harry’s scar is situated on the right side of his forehead, more specifically above his right eye. This is mentioned in the fifth book when he feels a stab over his right eye.

9. They often messed up in movies:

In the movies there were more than a few scenes where the position of the scar changed which was simply a careless mistake but occurred too often. It was probably the mistake of the makeup department and even though it is hard to notice this little detail in the movies, fans have noticed and pointed the mistake out.

8. It portrayed Harry’s connection to Voldemort:

Earlier in the movies there are moments when Harry’s scar hurts and he can sense danger. He usually feels the pain when Voldemort is either planning something malicious or about to attack him. This portrayed the connection between Harry and Voldemort from the beginning and even though it wasn’t unveiled by then why there was a connection but the hints were always there.

7. It was all supposed to end at ‘scar’:

JK Rowling revealed a few years ago that her original plan for the ending of the last book was that the book would end with the word ‘scar’. She said that it all started with the scar and she wanted to end it with it as well. She was probably going for the ‘open at the close’ concept which is an important part of the last book. She later changed the ending and ended the series with ‘all was well’.

6. It can never fade:

Most scars that we get in real life usually fade with time but Harry’s scar being a scar depicting dark magic could not fade. His scar would stay with him forever even after the death of Voldemort and the end of their connection. The scar is also a constant reminder of him being the boy who lived as he was the only survivor of the killing curse.

5. He liked his scar as a kid:

 As a kid when Harry lived with the Dursleys and did not know about his magical abilities, he had body image issues and hated his own appearance. He was a super skinny kid with bushy hair and big glasses and his scar was the only thing that did not say anything about his condition and he liked it. It was almost like a connection to his parents and it even made him feel special.

4. It cannot be removed:

Even though magic can heal most diseases it cannot heal or remove a scar like the one on Harry’s forehead. Harry’s scar was a result of a killing curse and no magic could remove a scar that was inflicted by a spell that powerful. Therefore his scar could never be mended by any magical means and would stay with him forever.

3. It hurt again after Voldemort’s death:

In the epilogue of the last book JKR said that Harry’s scar did not hurt for 19 years after Voldemort’s death and that all was well. JKR did not wish to continue the story after that and a sequel was not on the list but you never know what may happen. The cursed child play shows that Harry’s scar hurt again after those 19 years because of the attempt of Voldemort’s revival by the cursed child.

2. The pain is actually caused by:

Harry’s scar usually hurts when he senses danger related to Voldemort but the reason this happens is because of the fragment of Voldemort’s soul that resides inside Harry. This fragment caused Harry the pain and after the part of Voldemort’s soul inside Harry was killed, the pain ended and the scar did not hurt. In the cursed child however it hurts again.

 1. The symbolism of the scar:

Harry Potter

Harry’s scar symbolizes something more than his survival of the killing curse. The scar is a symbol of Harry’s internal suffering and loss. At the age of just one, Harry lost his parents and since then he felt an agony that shaped his life ahead. This internal suffering is always there and is represented in physical form by the scar on his forehead which is also the reminder of the night his parents died.

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