Maestro Vs Thanos – Here’s Why The Mad Titan Is No Match For The Green Monster!!!

No one has been able to make a mark when it comes to a battle of the Brawn like the Hulk has done in the movies as well as the comic books. Trading fists is basically what he does for a living. The Hulk knows two things- breathing and fighting, the latter more than the former. There is no one in the known universe within the confines of the Marvel Comic books that can equal the power of the Hulk in raw, brute strength. Meet Maestro. Maestro could be called the end result if the Hulk decided to use steroids to increase his already unlimited strength. Maestro, an evil version of the Hulk, is literally the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. So could he defeat Thanos? The Mad Titan has been shown to have ousted the Hulk from his seat of strength when the former beat the latter to an inch of his life in Infinity War. Will Maestro be able to do what the Hulk couldn’t? Presenting Maestro vs Thanos – Here’s why the Mad Titan is no match for the Green Monster!!!


Maestro is an alternate reality version of the Hulk of Earth 9200. In this reality, the planet Earth has been devastated and Humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction due to nuclear war. Most of Earth’s Super humans have died and the Hulk aka Bruce Banner was the only one who survived. After absorbing so much radiation from thousands of nuclear blasts, Bruce Banner has permanently transformed into an older version of the Hulk and has grown increasingly strong and malevolent, all the while retaining his intelligence as Bruce Banner in this version.

Maestro thus has the brains of one of the smartest men on Earth and his strength is even more than the standard version of the Hulk, who has been shown to lift an entire star by himself.


The Mad Titan needs no introduction. He is a genius, an outcast, a mad man and possesses a ‘the ends justify the means’ attitude to things. Born on the planet Titan, Thanos possesses the genes of the Godlike beings known as the Eternals and all their super human abilities in addition to his other unique powers. Thanos also possesses the Deviant Gene and as a result, is extremely large, stronger, and faster than the rest of the Eternals.

The comic books also show him using energy manipulation abilities and a skin so impenetrable it has taken direct hits from Vulcan and Captain Marvel without Thanos breaking a sweat. If anyone can take on Maestro in a one on one fight, it has to be Thanos. That goes without question.

Final Fight – Maestro Vs Thanos

Maestro Vs Thanos
Maestro Vs Thanos

The fight might seem heavily tilting in favor of the Maestro. How could you think anyone has a chance against a guy who is officially confirmed to be stronger than the Incredible Hulk!!! But trust us. If there is anyone who has a chance to defeat the Maestro, it has to be the Mad Titan. Thanos is a feared individual within his own race, the Eternals. The Eternals are nothing short of Gods with extreme levels of superhuman physical attributes and the gift of immortality. So if a Thanos vs. Maestro fight does happen, it will be a treat to watch.

So who will it be? If a fight breaks out between these two world breakers, who should we put our money on?

It’s the Maestro!! Maestro will win this fight without a doubt. Earth 9200 is a nuclear wasteland that has been emanating radiation since a hundred years, maybe even more. The Hulk thrives on radiation. The more it absorbs, the powerful he becomes. But herein lies the real twist – Maestro is insane. Like literally. His insanity is probably the reason why he is stronger than the Hulk. Remember that the Hulk becomes stronger the angrier he gets. Since crazy people are always angry and Maestro sits at the very top of that mountain, there is no one stronger than the Maestro in the Marvel Universe of that reality. Thanos will put up a good fight but the moment Maestro gets serious, this fight will be over before you can say ‘Infinity Gauntlet’!!!!

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