Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler Reveals Yet Another Deleted Scene!!!

Yet another Black Panther deleted scene never found it to the theatrical run for the Black Panther movie.  Marvel Studios’ Black Panther is one of the highest grossing superhero movies of all time. It now sits in the prestigious Billion Dollar club along with the most successful MCU movies. Black Panther’s Director Ryan Coogler was recently a part of the movie’s home video release and he revealed another deleted scene during an audio commentary.

Producer Nate Moore and Director Ryan Coogler have mentioned it time and again that the theatrical cut of Black Panther was reduced down to accommodate the screen time provided by the Studio. To do that, the editors had to cut off a lot of scenes from the original Director’s cut. The scenes in question weren’t deemed necessary and the story did well without them. But the one in question is actually pretty awesome and would have made the fans go WHOA!!!

Let us break you the one news that will make your mouth go wide open. The original cut of Black Panther was around 4 hours long. That’s right, you heard it. A Four Hour long story of Black Panther would have been like Christmas coming early this year. Of course, Marvel decided to be a buzz kill and ordered the Director to cut the movie off and the reduced screen time was now 2 hours and 14 minutes. So that means Black Panther has 1 hour and 46 Minutes worth of scenes that were deleted from the movie. Several of those deleted scenes have already found their way to the fans.

A recent internet reveal showed us a Young T’Chaka talking to a young T’Challa during the movie’s beginning. Another one showed us W’Kabi and Okoye conversing with each other and debating about Killmonger’s rise to power in Wakanda after T’Challa was presumed dead.  All these scenes are now of little concern as Coogler’s big reveal has made public a scene that could turn out to be the motherlode.

T’Challa starts out attacking a group of armed men in a convoy transporting woman and children in a secluded part of Africa. His intention is not to save Nakia who is amongst the kidnapped woman as an undercover agent but to ask her to come back to Wakanda for T’Challa’s coronation ceremony that is about to happen soon after his father died during the events of Civil War. But the fight did show us a bit of contradiction that every fan managed to miss.

For a country that tries to hide her technology from the entire world, Black Panther sure did leave plenty of those during his fight with the bad guys. A scene that involved the technology being cleaned up and prevented from falling into the wrong hands was cut from the movie thus creating a plot hole of epic proportions that went against everything Wakanda stood for until then.

That was the deleted scene Ryan Coogler was talking about.

In Black Panther, one particular scene showed Okoye and T’Challa retrieve the technology they used to subdue the bad guys. Granted the scene would have been a slow one. No one likes to even do a cleanup operation, let alone watch one. But it would have made a lot more sense had the movie included this scene. The internet was raging on and on about Wakanda not caring about leaving their technology for the world to find when Black Panther went on his little missions abroad.

For a movie that is about an isolated nation trying to be conservative with the way they treated the world, they sure did one hell of a job on this one. That is, of course, my sarcasm speaking. It wouldn’t have had to open its mouth if Black Panther would have had this scene from the beginning thus erasing all the plot holes within the movie, plot holes so big that had Wakanda been the Hoover dam, the whole of Nevada would have been underwater right now.

What do you think about this new deleted scene that Ryan Coogler mentioned? Will the Marvel Studios’ reveal more such scenes and add more and more depth to the first mainstream Black Superhero of the Marvel Cinematic universe???

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