Here’s Why Zack Snyder Opted For The Knightcrawler Instead of Bat-Cycle In Justice League

The DC Universe is in kind of a weird place at the moment. Justice League was supposed to be great to keep the movies in motion frequently, but even after being a step in the right direction, the movie did not do as well WB would have liked at the Box Office and even with the critics. It has made $656 Million at the worldwide Box office. It was also claimed to be better than Batman V Superman by the critics and the fans absolutely loved it. But since Justice League did not perform as WB expected, and it didn’t even make them a profit, the sequel to the movie may really be dead.

Zack Snyder

A month back, things started to unravel about Zack Snyder’s departure, as many reports claimed that Zack Snyder was fired from the movie way before his daughter’s tragic death, and WB used that incident to cover it all up. So, the movie was bound to bomb as there was a lot happening behind the scenes. Zack Snyder’s silence actually proves it all right as he denied doing any sort of press tours or interviews for the movie and he even supported the petition for releasing the Snyder Cut.

The reason why Zack Snyder’s cut of the movie is so demanded by everyone because a lot of the movie that he shot was totally edited and tonnes of stuff managed to hit the floors of the editing room. WB ordered to change the narrative of the movie, for which Whedon took the cast through extensive reshoots and a lot of scenes that we saw in the trailers did not make the final cut of the movie. And therefore, we did not get to see the vision Snyder intended for the movie.

If Zack Snyder would have got full authority, we could have got the BvS Ultimate Cut in the theatres. If Snyder had the full authority, Justice League would have been at least 3 hours long and the sequel would have already been in production. Since WB meddled a lot, his vision was altered, and when WB saw Snyder not making what they wanted, they let him go. Snyder had worked quite a lot on the movie, and now may of his alternate designs, concept arts and other things have made their way to the net.

Out of everything, the most amazing thing that Snyder almost got in the movie was the Bat-Cycle. The entire design was totally new like we have never seen before, and it was a lot different and may be better than the Bat-Pod we got to see in The Dark Knight Trilogy. The reason why it seems better and really advanced is that this prototype would have run on thrusters and not actual wheels.

This concept art was created by Ed Natividad, who in his latest interview explained that Snyder ultimately passed on the vehicle in favor of the Knightcrawler for its ability to transport members of the team to various locations throughout the film. Here’s what he said:

“The Batcycle was proposed as a new form of transport for Batman. However it was superseded in favor of the Knight Crawler. Zack Snyder felt the cycle did not reflect the ‘team’ dynamic and needed something that would carry at least three of the members.”

Well, it was the right decision as Batman already had 4 vehicles in the movie and in a movie which was intended to be really stuffed in the 3-hour long cut, and adding a 5th vehicle or replacing it with a troop carrier would have felt a little too much. The movie already messed up with Batman as there was nothing memorable about Batman in this one and he was just changing through gadgets and vehicles one by one. Other than the Bat-Cycle, other pieces of art also hit the net.

justice league

This alternate design for Steppenwolf looks really dope and it seems way better than the version of Steppenwolf we got. It is also much closer to the Steppenwolf hologram we saw in BvS Ultimate cut. But just like many other things in that movie, this particular fact was also ignored and Justice League behaved as if BvS almost did not exist.

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