10 Things About Rey From The Last Jedi That Make Absolutely No Sense!!

A lot of criticism has been making the rounds about the Last Jedi with all the glaring SJW and political righteousness embedded within the plotline itself. In fact, never before a particular Star Wars episode divided the fan base exactly from the middle. It was a textbook example of polarization.

On one hand, a section of fans heaped massive praise on the movie calling it one of the best ever as it introduced new elements which pleasantly surprised them, on the other hand, some of the more traditional Star Wars fans slammed the movie for making a departure from the set template of the universe as the tone and feel of the movie was unlike previous movies in the franchise.

Also, the characters of The Last Jedi aren’t that good when it comes to dodging the critics too. The foremost of them all is Rey, the primary protagonist of the Trilogy. She is perfect in everything. While the movie tried to portray a female lead in a positive light, what they did was make the character so damn perfect (and boring!!) that every time Rey hit the screens, fans had to roll up their eyes in frustration. She had almost zero understanding of the political machinations of the galaxy and she faced no ‘near death’ moment while fighting in hostile territory.

Here are the 10 things about Rey that make no sense at all.

She is shocked to know the Jedi are real

Rey lived in a desolate wasteland of a planet that was filled with the wreckage from the Galactic Civil War. She practically lived off the Rebellion’s legacy. Furthermore, Rey knew the stories about Luke Skywalker. So when Han tells her the stories about the Jedi were real, why was she so freaking surprised?!?! It seemed incredibly odd that she would be so astonished to learn about the Jedi order.

She can understand Wookie language

There’s a reason the Wookies are not seen much in the Star Wars universe. Chewbacca is about the only one we see most of the time is because the Empire enslaved and exterminated the Wookies in a mass genocide. Clearly, there are no Wookies on Jakku to teach Rey their language. So when Chewie mumbles some wails, how does Rey get it?? Apparently, she does not need any language classes to understand a foreign language spoken by rare creatures and Chewie is also comfortable hanging out with her (Well that may be due to Han to be fair to Chewie).

She has incredible aim

Now, this was actually a glaring bummer in The Force Awakens. Rey has never held a laser gun in her hands. She was almost like a farm girl away from the hullabaloo of the big city.

When Han hands her one, she has even trouble to turn off the safety switch. But when push comes to shove, Rey kills a Stormtrooper in one single shot. When was the last time she aimed a laser gun to anybody? She was clearly upset and unconnected to the Force. So how did that happen?!?! It was too good to be true.

She is exactly 19 years old

Rey was born about 11 years after the Battle of Endor. So that means she is still a 19-year-old teenager. The fact that the director knew about this and still matched her up with the 29-year-old Kylo Ren and showed the viewers a romance in the making is stupid and unsettling. Kylo and Rey seem to have the same level of maturity and accuracy with the Force. But how did an untrained Rey do stuff that took the veteran Kylo years of practice and training?!?!?

She can use the Force to pull a Lightsaber… without any training

This is the classic SJW case we were talking about. Using the Force to push and pull object may look ordinary but it is no easy feat. It even took Luke Skywalker quite a lot of time to learn and he only did it when he was almost killed by Wampa. Agreed…Rey is a special girl who has a larger role to save the Galaxy from the First Order and bolster ‘The Resistance’ but give me a break as Rey did it effortlessly in The Force Awakens. She had no training and she still did it. Amazing, isn’t it?!?!

She trusts Kylo after a Dark Side Vision

On the planet where Luke and Rey are training, there is a cave that is brimming with the Dark Side of the Force. Rey manages to enter the Cave and sees a vision. After the vision has passed, she comes to believe there is still good in Kylo. But if the cave was pure Dark Side, wouldn’t it try and trick Rey into thinking that Kylo is a good man? It is “Dark side” for a reason right? But no she does not have that kind of intellect and somehow she is the only one who can revive Jedi and restore hope in the galaxy.

She knows some intricate secrets from the Original Trilogy that no one else does


In the Original Trilogy, Luke believes that Darth Vader still has some good in him and could be turned back into the light. Vader does that exactly and that is the ultimate reason for the fall of the Empire. Only Luke and maybe Han and Leia knew about that. But in The Last Jedi, somehow she knows too. Another Force vision or is she just way too awesome to care about an explanation?? Well, her consciousness can travel time and instilled thoughts and visions into her mind that she knows everything even when she spent the greater part of her life on a secluded wasteland.

How the hell does she know about a Jedi Mind Trick!!

One of the greatest and subtlest assets of the Jedi, the Jedi Mind Trick is a famous technique that uses the Force to influence someone’s susceptibility to suggestion. The experienced Jedis used to take advantage of their weak-minded opponents using tricks as Force can really have a debilitating impact on them. They will implant a seed of thought in the minds of their adversaries and they would do what the Jedis wishes them to do.

But the Jedi Mind Trick is not only extinct along with the Jedi Order; Rey has had no formal training. So how did she do the mind trick when she just heard its name?? Another instance where no reasonable explanation was offered by the makers.

Her Insane flying abilities

The tricks she did while flying the Millennium Falcon trying to shake off some highly trained TIE Fighter pilots in ‘The Force Awakens’ still gives us the creeps. She has never flown before. The most her legs have gone above the ground was when she drove a speeder.

Regardless of the fact that even Han Solo had trouble handling the Millennium Falcon at times (the ship is notoriously hard to control), Rey had no trouble doing it. It is okay if you want a female lead in a good light. But don’t make her Mary Poppins just for the heck of it. It has gone from ‘too good to be true’ to outrightly bizarre. There is no way that she can master all these abilities without any sort of training, at least show us once that she ain’t perfect.

Why did the Force wait for so long with Rey

the last jedi

The Force Awakens is a clear testament to the rise of Rey. After the events of the movie, something awoke inside of her. She was the Light Side’s answer to the Dark Side’s Kylo Ren. But if Kylo joined the Dark Side a decade ago, why was Rey given Force powers only now? It’s almost as if the Force wanted to wait it out and see how this Kylo Ren thing plays out before awakening its sleeper agent in the form of Rey. For an entity that is omniscient, it sure sounds stupid. Imagine the amount of damage that could have been prevented or at least mitigated. But instead, they allowed it to happen and then pressed the panic button.

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