The Incredible Hulk Is Not So Incredible In Front of Amadeus Cho

“Power is a trick, a shadow on the wall, and a very small man can cast a very large shadow…….. Power lies where men believe it lies” -George R. R. Martin. These are perhaps the greatest words ever put in ink by a writer. The truth of power is that it never comes from without but always from within and it flows as such. The truth about power is that it’s seldom absolute and forever dynamic. You can agree or you can condemn this opinion. But I have evidence from the latest Incredible Hulk issue to convince you otherwise.

Bruce Banner is no longer the headliner of the incredible hulk comics, instead, the mantle and the responsibility (read: curse ) has been passed down to a man known as AMADEUS CHO. This man, like so many other versions and iterations of Bruce Banner’s The incredible Hulk, comes face to face with the Marvel comic verse’s God of Thunder Thor.

Ever since the God of thunder lost Mjolnir because for some reason he was deemed unworthy he has traveled the multiverse to reconcile and reclaim his powers. The man (read: God) has come face to face with unimaginable circumstances and has overcome them time and again.

The descended of Asgard and the heir to its throne has bested the green beast many a time. In battle and has even tasted defeat at the hands of the Incredible Hulk. But on things always remained absolutely clear, Odinson is no pushover and he never plans to be.

Something similar is underway in The Incredible Hulk #712 where The Incredible (totally Awesome) Hulk faces off again a mind-controlled (will be controlled) Odinson. The unlikely pair has faced off before, most recently in the movie Thor: Ragnarok where Bruce Banner’s Hulk was defeated by an enraged God of Thunder and his victory solidified his way to his escape.

Granted such fights are often decided by the plot’s demand and not by whose strength actually one-ups the other. Regardless, the conditions of this fight we’re exceptionally similar to the fight we saw in Thor: Ragnarok. Odinson has lost his weapon and is forced to face off against AMADEUS CHO’s hulk under the influence of an alien obedience disk.

The god of thunder employs not only lightening as his weapon but is also in possession of Jarnbjorn, his newest weapon. As the fight drags on, it becomes painfully clear that the Prince of Asgard has no intention of going down easy.

An obedience disk, as formidable as the technology might be, can do little against world enders such as Odinson and Hulk. Be that as it may, Amadeus constantly tries to battle Odinson in a fair fist fight. He fights and stumbles and struggles to get a hit in against the God of thunder, but to no avail. Thor is quick as lightning and as terrifying as thunder itself.

His companions beg Amadeus constantly to release the world breaker but the man is determined to beat Odinson without losing control of the beast. Yes, my dear friends, in this fight it is not The Hulk in control but Amadeus himself. Amadeus wants it to remain that way when a Victor finally stands atop the defeated at the end of this battle.

Even though he knows that the World Breaker Totally Awesome Hulk if unleashed, can end the battle in mere moments. The man also realizes that succumbing control to the beast will be an ill-conceived move. So in a moment of clarity, or perhaps a moment of madness, Amadeus punches Odinson and puts the God of Thunder down in one punch without going World Breaker.



Now, I’ll be the first one to admit that no matter which iteration of Hulk you are, nay, no matter what entity you are and no matter how exceptionally powerful you are; to put down Thor in a single drive is a claim not many people can make. It makes you not only formidable but also puts your strength in perspective. Even though Banner has a lot more experience under his belt, his Hulk was never capable of such a show of strength, and never when Banner was himself in control.

Here Amadeus shows the fans that he’s not only capable of holding onto his sanity when in the Hulk form, but he’s also able to utilize all the strength of the beast without losing himself into his anger. The man pulls something that Banner has been unable to all these years. This is the reason that we at quirkybyte think that Amadeus Cho is unquestionably the stronger Hulk.

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