The Flash: The Identity of the Mystery Girl May Have Been Revealed

The Flash Season 4 keeps bringing in new surprises with every new episode. With every new episode, a new Meta appears out of nowhere and the fans have loved the way things have been going on in this season, since for the first time, Barry is facing a villain that his not a Speedster, but he is so much more!

The Thinker has gotten insanely powerful through the course of this season as he not only has the fastest mind alive but also has the powers of 5 more Metas, as he has the power to control new tech machines, control statues, shrink things down, telepathic ability and most importantly, turn people’s luck into bad luck. He has possessed the body of Becky aka Hazard and is looking to power himself with more Bus metas as the show goes on.

To fight a man with so many abilities, The Flash will surely need back up. His arsenal has increased a lot since season one as he now has proper back up when it comes to fighting bad guys. Team Flash itself is full of Metas with Cisco Ramon as Vibe, Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost and the most recent entry, Ralph Dibney as Elongated Man. Still, The Thinker is a big gun in himself and Flash is going to need more back up when it comes to taking him on and he is probably about to get it.

The only person in team Flash who has never been a Meta-Human is Iris West. And today, a new look at Iris in her Superhero costume came out and fans have completely lost their minds. It was revealed at the beginning of this season that she would be suiting up at some point this season, and now the new poster and synopsis provided much more context for the episode it happens in, “Run, Iris, Run”. As revealed by the Synopsis, Iris will get the powers of Barry Allen and will suit up for the first time.

This new costume has a color line of Purple and white which is similar to what the Tornado Twins wear in the comics. For those who don’t know, the Tornado Twins are the children of Barry and Iris. Now, this costume hints towards the identity of the mystery girl that appeared earlier on the show.

Ever since the crossover episode “Crisis on Earth X” happened, fans have been going crazy about the identity of the mystery girl that appeared towards the end of the episode. Well, until now, the identity of that character played by Jessica Parker Kennedy has not been revealed, but fans have speculated that she must be some sort of descendant to Iris and Barry.

Till now, almost all the speedsters on the show have had a color scheme of red and yellow. The Flash, Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, Jay Garrick, Reverse Flash and even Trajectory wore a suit that falls in this color pallet. Zoom and Savitar are the only ones who have not worn a suit of this particular color scheme. So, this color scheme that Iris has adopted seems pretty confusing as she will be a speedster and we don’t know how she gets into these particular colors.

The show has a trend of borrowing costume designs from the future and Iris’ new costume may pay homage to what is mentioned above, that the Tornado Twins wear the Purple and White costumes in the future, and this mystery girl is very rightly believed to be Dawn Allen, who is one of the Tornado Twins. If that may be the case then it is highly likely that Dawn’s brother Don may also appear on the show later one. And the reason why they pick up the color scheme of Purple and White may because of their mother Iris.

This could be a coincidence, but who knows, the fourth season has been a bag of crazy reveals and this could be one of those happening in the future. Fans have also speculated that Cecile getting her metahuman powers may also be the doing of the Tornado twins as the reason to that has also not been revealed till now.

Other than this, the only possible identity of the mystery girl, people have come up with is Jenni Ognats, who is Barry and Iris’ grand-daughter. Well, we will have to wait and watch that who exactly this mystery character is. The Flash airs on Tuesday nights at 9.

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