10 Celebs Who Don’t Like Taking Pictures With Fans

Being a celebrity is not always easy as it means that the person cannot have a personal life anymore. Celebs often crave privacy because that is something we are all entitled to and yet being famous makes it impossible to have. There are some celebs who still make sure to remind their fans and paparazzi that they are still humans and have a right to their own privacy.

Amy Schumer:

The loudmouth comedian Amy Schumer is bold and honest when it comes to her views and doesn’t shy away from voicing them from time to time. Schumer never had many problems with taking pictures with fans but one incident ruined it all for her. A particular fan took a photo of her despite the fact that she told him not to and even said to her “this is America and we paid for you”. Obviously, this led to Schumer deciding never to take selfies with fans.

Russell Crowe:

Russell Crowe has been a famous movie star for more than two decades and obviously has a huge fan base. He is mostly willing to take pictures and interact with his fans except for the time when he is with his kids. Crowe feels that interacting with fans and obliging their wishes while he is with his kids is like stealing time from his kids and he doesn’t want that.

Emily Blunt:

Another celebrity that refuses to take pictures with fans is the very talented Emily blunt who feels that social media has complicated the relationship between celebs and fans and the quality of interactions has decreased. When fans ask her to take a picture with them she often says that she has retired from that and would like to shake their hand instead.

Maisie Williams:

The young star from the super successful show Game of Thrones is not very rigid when it comes to taking pictures with fans and interacting. She says that she can take pictures with fans but has no problem in refusing when she feels like it. She says that she is under no obligation to take pictures or meet fans every day and needs her alone time.

Kit Harington:

Another GOT star and king in the North Jon Snow doesn’t like his pictures being taken by people when he is out and about on the streets and especially when he is with his fiancé Rose Leslie. He says that in the earlier days of his GOT fame fans didn’t always recognize him on the streets as he wasn’t a household name but now things have changed drastically and he finds it hard to handle and therefore refuses to take pictures with fans because he is not a mannequin.

Ian Somerhalder:

The Vampire Diaries star has been friendly with his fans and is very active on social media as well. In 2015, Somerhalder was leaving a hotel with his wife Nikki Reed when fans started requesting for pictures. Somerhalder told them he would not take pictures with any of them because it was his day. Later some fans complained that he could have taken pictures and left instead of ranting.

Prince William and Prince Harry:

You might think how the Royals have an amazing life and were born with silver spoons in their mouth and that is true but that does not necessarily mean they are entitled to fulfill the wishes of their fans and admirers. Both the royal princes hate getting ‘selfies’ with fans and have said so on multiple occasions. Harry often tells his fans that they can take a stand-alone picture of him but doesn’t take a picture with them.

Jennifer Lawrence:

JLaw is one of the most down to earth celebs in Hollywood and is extremely friendly with her fans. However, she has now stopped taking pictures with fans when she is out because she feels that it take a mental toll on her and puts pressure. She said that she started saying no to fans because it was becoming harder for her to step out of the house and she had to start saying no for her own mental well-being.

Justin Beiber:

The Beiber fever is still real and his success has been so extensive in the past few years that it is not hard to imagine how difficult it must be to maintain a personal life for him. He announced in 2016 that he would not be taking pictures with fans because his fans had started treating him like an object and zoo animal. He said that once a fan tried to take a picture with him and when he refused told him that he had bought his album. Beiber said that buying his music doesn’t mean that his fans own him.

Emma Watson:


Emma Watson grew up in front of a camera as she starred in the biggest movie franchise of all time and became the sweetheart of millions of people. The journey has not been easy for her and she tries her best to have a private life away from the eyes of cameras. She once said that if someone takes a picture of her and posts it then they create a marker of her location and everything and she can be easily tracked down by thousands in a matter of minutes. She feels that this just ends all scope of having a real life for a person.

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