10 Things MCU Gets Horribly Wrong About Thor Odinson

Thor aka The God of Thunder is one of the most loved superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everyone loves the hammer-wielding God from another planet that can summon the lightning to his aid and use his majestic golden locks to seduce the audience. Thor, in the comic books, is a force to be reckoned with but the movies have portrayed him so horribly wrong for the sake of storytelling that it’s almost sad.

10. His Strength

In the comic books, Thor Odinson has taken a dip in the sun, taken hits from Galactus and destroyed planets and moons with only his raw strength. The movies are wildly inaccurate. Thor has trouble taking down lowly henchmen while in reality, he has even taken out Thanos with his might.

9. The Donald Blake Identity

When Thor is cast down on Earth by his father, he is trapped within a human host in the form of Donald Blake, a doctor with a walking disability. As time went by, the character of Blake became a fan favorite among the fans. But the movies never explored that idea. Thor never assumed his alter ego from the comic books.

8. Jane Foster

Jane Foster meets Thor in his Donald Blake avatar while she is working as a nurse in the same hospital he is a doctor in. But Jane has grown from being extremely annoying to a likable superhero (she now wields Mjolnir in the comic books). The movie version, with her band of sidekicks, is just plain frustrating on screen.

7. Odin’s Eye

In the comics, Odin sacrificed his right eye to the Well of Mimir to gain omniscience. He can see everything and has infinite knowledge. The movie version of Odin also has sacrificed his eye but it was said to be lost in the battle against the Frost Giants. Without his all-knowing wisdom, Odin is just an old tool in the movies.

6. Malekith

It was very sad to see the MCU wasting a good chance to portray Malekith as the terror he is in the comic books. Malekith is an extremely powerful being that happens to know how to exactly manipulate people to his own ends and devastate everything with a sinister, cackling smile. The movie version looked like it had a case of acute diarrhea.

5. His Personality

If you think Thor is a guy who likes to crack jokes in the middle of the battle to dispense the tension, then you are dead wrong. Thor is many things but a funny guy is not one of them. The comic books portray Thor as a guy who always takes matters seriously. He does not crack jokes but gets the job done with absolute focus and certainty.

4. His Origin

Alright, this is something we are actually thankful for. In the comic books, when Dr. Donald Blake is trapped in a cave after encountering some rock-based aliens, he finds an enchanted staff that turns him into the God of Thunder. The MCU version of Thor being cast out of Asgard due to his arrogance sounds better and more realistic.

3. The Aether

The movie sees Thor battling Malekith to stop the latter from getting his hands on the reality-altering liquid. The Aether is then found out to be the Reality Stone in disguise. The Aether does not exist in the comic books. If the writers just wanted it to an excuse for the Reality Stone, why did not they just portray as such?

2. Loki

Loki is an extremely powerful sorcerer that has defeated the Silver Surfer and destroyed an entire building with a single punch. He has gone toe to toe with several extremely powerful entities with a vast array of abilities. The MCU version only seems to possess powers of Illusion. The MCU Loki is a crying shame compared to his comic book counterpart.

1. Thor’s Hammer


In the comic books, Thor has used Mjolnir for so many deadly effects we have lost count. Apart from summoning lightning, it also gives the God of Thunder the ability to travel between dimensions and through time, teleport and warp reality. The most fearsome ability of Mjolnir is the God Blast – something that has hurt even the Celestials in combat. The MCU version has only been limited to summoning lightning and storms. It holds no candle to the Mjolnir’s comic book counterpart.

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