Marvel Rewrites History – The Avengers Has A New Founding Member

For decades, the Marvel Universe’s greatest asset in the comic books has been the Avengers. The Earth’s Mightiest Superhero team has saved the Planet, the Universe and sometimes, the entire multiverse several times from absolute chaos. Extra-dimensional demons, armies from a different universe, galaxy-spanning empires and cosmic entities – all have faced the Avengers. No one has been able to defeat them. The Avengers, in turn, are not only looked up to and revered in their own universe but the fans who read their uses as well. The Avengers are Sacred Property. No one has the right to desecrate them.

Yet Marvel itself has colloquially tried the proverb – Nailing Your Own Ass, quite effectively. Recently, The Marvel Comics did the impossible. The Avengers became a part of an experiment with a result the like of which no one had ever seen. The Avengers’ history was changed forever. And fans cannot even un-see it if they wanted to.

Throughout Marvel’s long history, many members have been part of the Avengers. Some have come and gone. Some have stayed. Some have stabbed the team in the back, both figuratively and literally. But one thing has thought to always stay constant. The Core members of the Avengers and its founding members have always stayed the same throughout each Relaunch and iteration. That is something that stayed untouchable until a few days ago.

In Avengers: No Surrender, Marvel Comics’ greatest superhero team’s birth history is being rewritten. In Avengers #676, one pivotal piece of information I revealed to the readers. An unnamed important member was also part of the Avengers that helped found the team. Voyager was one of Avengers’ first member’s alongside Iron Man, Hank Pym, Thor, The Hulk and The Wasp. She was somehow apparently erased from existence.

It was only recently announced that all Avengers titles will be merged to form a singular issue with all of the Avengers’ members. West Coast Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, U.S Avengers and the now-canceled Occupy Avengers will feature in a 16 issue long singular Avenger issue titled Avengers: No Surrender. The story began in the first week of January under the Marvel Legacy banner.

In Avengers #675, a mysterious entity proves to be more than a match for the Superhero team. As a result, a distress call is sent by an unnamed member to all available Avengers to guide them to the former’s aid. At the end of the issue, the person that gave out the distress call is found out to be none other than the Superhero Voyager. Judging by the looks on their faces, the Avengers new who she was. It was the fans that left the issue dumbstruck.

Voyager, as it turns out, was one of the founding members of the Avengers. But after the Avengers reshuffle in 1965 with Avengers #16, she was forced to stay on the roster and not the regular Avengers’ team. The Voyager then explains why the fans do not remember her now.

When the time-traveling Kang the Conqueror kidnapped the Avengers as the former’s champions to fight against the Grandmaster’s chosen warriors, Voyager was pitted against Victory, a person with electromagnetic powers. When Victory and Voyager fought, both the superheroes’ powers reacted with each other and created a space-time anomaly, erasing Victory and The Voyager from existence.

The Voyager has profound space-time manipulation powers. Victory can control and channel electromagnetic waves. Both reacted to create a split second singularity that resulted in Voyager being wiped out of the timeline.

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When the Earth somehow jolted itself back into place, Voyager quickly finds out a way out of the hell she was then part of. It was after that that the voyager realized everyone somehow remembered her name and her actions. A founding member of the Avengers’ is now returning to the main team. How exciting is that!!! Marvel Legacy continues to wow its audiences with a rich story-telling experience but a soulless execution. The art and the characters (except a few) are one of its major flaws but them being daring enough to use so radical plot elements in fledgling comic book issues is perhaps the only reason people still love Marvel nowadays.

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