5 Insane Abilities You Never Knew The Hulk Had

Of course, we know that the Hulk is super strong and has his thunderclap, shooting shock waves, but there are some qualities of the big brute that one might not be aware of. So, here are the top 5 powers of Hulk, that we didn’t even know he had:

Insusceptible To Mind Control

Hulk is a big brute, so he has to be dumb and obviously a dumb guy’s mind is very easy to control. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong as it is almost impossible to control Hulk’s mind. Even the best, such as Charles Xavier and Doctor Strange have tried their best, but could never control, not for too long at least.

Can Create Other Hulks

By this obviously we don’t mean he can reproduce by having babies, that is nowhere a super strength. Hulk, can create other hulks by giving them their blood. Example, when his cousin is severely injured, he transfuses her with his own blood and it is her that later becomes She-Hulk.

Sees Astral Projections

Why would a colossal being like the Hulk need to have the sixth sense of seeing Astral positions? Well, he’s a superhero, and anything can come his way. Therefore has the power to see Astral forms, such as of Doctor Strange, and can also see ghosts and sometimes even the dead.

Survival In Space

Be it the smartest of superheroes such as Xavier, or the super soldier, Captain America none of them has this power of breathing in the space. Hulk, sure we know has a great lung capacity, making him breathe underwater pretty comfortably, but his survival in space is a pretty big leap. The angry green monster can easily breathe in Space and survive.

Super Speed


He is big, no he is enormous and hence it has to be difficult for him to move? Na uh, not for this guy. Hulk is immensely fast, the guy can even catch up to planes, such a big guy with such speed is a bad combination for any foe of his. Not just this, his leaps are so big that he can actually launch himself into space. What was even Loki thinking while calling him a dull creature?

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