10 God-Like Beings DC Movies Absolutely Ruined

DC Comics has incredibly powerful characters that have literally fought Gods and came out unscathed. The comic book history of DC is strife with such awesome god-like superheroes and super villains but somehow they haven’t had fair representation on a cinematic level. DC movies have had their fair share of fuck-ups, most of which include watering down extremely powerful characters for the sake of story-telling.


This guy has done something that no one else could have even thought of. Doomsday is the only creature in the entire Universe that has fought Superman head on and killed him in an all-out brawl, and that too without the help of Kryptonite. Doomsday is a result of years of experimentation on an alien planet. The DCEU portrayed him as a resurrected and mutilated corpse of General Zod. Portraying him as of Kryptonian Origin does not do Doomsday justice.


Enchantress, in the comic books, once used her magical powers to make the Great Sphinx come to life and fight on her behalf. She has used her magical powers to defeat Superman, Wonder Woman and Zatanna simultaneously. In the movie, Enchantress is mostly concerned with talking in a creepy voice and weird hand gestures. She was taken down by Deadshot, a mortal assassin. That is so not her.


Ares is the God of War in DC Comics and the Greek Mythology. In the comic books, Ares is one of Wonder Woman’s premium and deadliest foes. She has clashed with the Greek God several times and Ares has more often than not come out victorious. David Thewlis’ portrayal is more of a crybaby that is looking for his father’s attention than inciting war and chaos like Ares did in the comic books.


No, we are not talking about Michael Shannon’s Zod (coz that was awesome). Terrence Stamp portrayed the character in Superman: Quest for Peace. His version of Zod was… well… different. He looked more like a hipster than a megalomaniac. Zod is a military leader and a master strategist who also possesses all of Superman’s abilities. He is not a god damn disco dancer.

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing in the embodiment of the Green in DC Comics. The Green is the mystical energy that connects and governs all plant life on Earth. So that makes Swamp thing literally a force of nature. But the 1982 movie portrayed Swamp Thing as more man than the element. Ray Wise was neither convincing as the superhero nor was the production value of the movie too enlightening.

Green Lantern

It was the right decision to cast Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. The story was okay too. It was the execution that led the movie astray. Hal Jordan is a Green Lantern. His right hand possesses the greatest weapon of the Universe – the ability to command the willpower of the entire universe and use it to create virtually anything. The movie extremely limited Hal’s abilities. He looked more like a wise-cracking fool than a Green Lantern.

Super Girl

The 1984 movie starring Helen Slater was an absolute disaster. The movie was panned by audiences and critics alike. Super Girl is of the same planet as Superman. She has the same powers as him and is arguably even stronger than her cousin. But the effects of the movie and the cheesy and weak plotline made it look like even Mickey Mouse could beat her.



Incubus in Suicide Squad was the brother of Enchantress. June Moone catches a wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time and delivers the essence of her brother onto him. The comics project a different story. Incubus is actually a demon from another dimension that has possessed a superhero called Nightshade. Nightshade comes from another dimension where all his species were killed by Incubus who now targets Earth next using Nightshade as his new host.



Parallax is the embodiment of Fear. Whenever a sentient species feels scared throughout the universe, Parallax gets a little bit more powerful. Parallax has the capacity to destroy entire star systems in the comics. But the Green Lantern movie watered it down for the sake of a plot. Parallax was no more than a grumpy little yellow cloud that was holding a grudge. Its powers were not fully explored although it was given an awesome backstory.


aquaman dc

The movie hasn’t come out but we still have our reservations. WB has a long history of screwing things up and Aquaman could be their next target. In the comics, Aquaman is the king of the Seven Seas, ruler of Atlantis, has a trident that can control the oceans and can telepathically command all aquatic life. If the movie fails to portray Aquaman the way the comics have fought so hard to until now, all hope is lost for Arthur Curry. Fingers Crossed!!

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