5 Characters Marvel TV Improved (And 5 Characters It Ruined)

Marvel TV universe has been expanding since a few years into something pretty awesome. The evolution of the characters and the story arcs converging to form one big event is just like the formula MCU uses in its movies. And like the MCU, the TV Shows also have pros and cons, mostly concerning the characters that play a part in it.


5. Stilt-Man

In the comic universe, Turk Barrett is more than just a street-smart arms dealer. He is the Stilt-man. After stealing the armors of both the Mauler and the Stilt-Man, Turk tries to fight Daredevil in a bid to impress the Kingpin. When the plan doesn’t work, Kingpin just tosses him aside. In the shows though, Turk has more significant appearances and his only problem is he lacks the equipment to go against the superheroes (yet).

4. Karen Page

In the comics, Karen Page starts out as Foggy and Matt’s secretary just like in the show. But then life gets difficult for her. She later loses her job, becomes a porn star and then a drug addict. One time she even sells Matt’s identity out for another shot of cocaine. She later pieces her life together but only to be killed by Bullseye later. In the show, her character is a central one to the TV universe and she has been pivotal to almost all episodes she appeared in.

3. Elektra

The character of Elektra is a polarizing one in the show. Some fan like how she is portrayed and some absolutely loath Elodie Yung’s portrayal. One thing is certain that Elektra actually got much more attention in the shows that in the comics. In the comics, Elektra always plays second fiddle to Daredevil. But in the shows, she has managed to amass immense power after becoming the leader of The Hand.

2. Trish Walker

In Jessica Jones, Trish Walker is one of the core members and a pretty impressive character. Patricia ‘Patsy’ Walker used to be the star of her own issue under the Marvel Comics banner. But her issues went defunct and she was lost to the pages of Superhero story arcs. It was only her appearance in the TV show that she finally got the recognition she deserved.


 1. Claire Temple


Claire is not your regular medic. She is trained and experienced in handling patients of the superhuman genre. She is steadfast and calm and is almost analytic to a superhuman degree when it comes to threat analysis. Her medical skills are formidable, if not unmatched. But her comic book counterpart was nothing but Luke Cage’s love interest that only made short appearances in the Heroes for Hire issues.


5. Misty Knight

Undoubtedly, Misty Knight is a hardass, both in the show and in the comics. But Luke Cage only showed her as a pre-origin version of the character. The Misty we know has a cybernetic arm which allows her to control technology and kick ass. Hopefully, after the Defenders where Misty lost her arm, it looks like Misty may finally meet her destiny.

4. The Owl

The Owl is one of Daredevil’s most dangerous foes. He has almost defeated the blind protector several times in the comic books with his shrewd intellect and is a threat that Matt Murdock would think twice before engaging. But in the show, Leland only makes a small appearance. He is a member of the Kingpin’s criminal organization who gets to be only a minor inconvenience for the latter. He is then quickly dispatched.

3. Steel Serpent

The villain known as the Steel Serpent was supposed to be the Iron Fist instead of Danny Rand. But the impurity and malice in his heart made him unworthy of conquering the power of the Iron Fist. He is one of Marvel Comics’ fiercest hand to hand fighters. In the TV Shows though, Davos is a character that is hated because of his clear lack of conviction to defeat Danny. He will return for season 2 of Iron Fist so let’s hope he has changed his ways.

2. Nuke

marvel tv

Most viewers did not even realize that Will Simpson of Jessica Jones is actually the supervillain known as Nuke. In the comics, Nuke was a part of the Weapons-Plus program and is now a cyborg/ mercenary for hire. In the show, his character had none of the advanced weaponry and only a quarter of the insanity of his comic book counterpart. Nuke, take a chill pill (pun intended).

 1. Iron Fist

We are not even gonna get to the part of the immense backlash of cultural appropriation this character got. Danny Rand being a white guy doing kung fu on the streets of New York and fighting Ninjas may have worked in the 70s, but this is 2017 and we need to portray a character with diversity. The comic book character was also Danny Rand but was laid back and cooler. The Netflix version was a serious disappointment. Netflix’s Danny Rand needs to unclench his ass instead of his fist for once.

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