5 Superheroes Who Nailed It In Films While 5 Who Were Better On TV

The love of superheroes has been increasing by the rate of the second, and these days there are a lot of superheroes on televisions as well as in the filmverse, because of which there have been a lot of superheroes who have appeared on both, TV as well as on films. Here we list some superheroes, 5 of whom are doing great on TV shows (including web series) while 5 of them did really well in films:

The Flash (TV)

The Flash is one of DC’s most famous superheroes and has been both in films as well as on TV shows. While he has just recently entered into the filmverse, he has been on TV since the last 4 years an undoubtedly the Flash on TV is far more popular than Ezra Miller’s Flash so yes, here Grant Gustin’s TV show has a win over the other Flash.

Superman (Films)

Undoubtedly Superman has been better in the films, this is so because Undoubtedly George Reeves did a good job playing the character, but it was after Christopher Reeves’ portrayal of the character that actually it became popular. Even today, people would prefer Henry Cavil over the Smallville actor any day.

The Punisher (TV)

The Punisher is a superhero who undoubtedly has been great since the start but in today’s date has become one of the best-loved web series, this is so because of the impeccable portrayal of Frank Castle by actor Jon Bernthal. The actor did an amazing job portraying all the emotions that the character had in the comics. Regret, love and most importantly vengeance were beautifully shown in the show and the gory action-packed scenes too were fabulous.

Batman (Films)

This one again goes to films without fail, this is because we all know what the Batman TV series was like. It was nothing but actually a spoof on Batman and Robin while when we come to films, there are a lot of actors who have done really great playing the rile of the Dark Knight, be it Affleck, or Bale, or Keaton.

Supergirl (TV)

Supergirl again is one such show that is doing pretty well on TV. The show’s season 1 was not that good, but with the change in the production house the show has really taken a leap and Kara Zor-el sure has her place in the hearts of her fans. Choosing which one was better is not at all a difficult job to do because we all know how the 1978 film came out to be, which was released after the failure of Superman III, the film was pathetic, so the show wins.

Wonder Woman (Films)

Okay here is something, which is bad in neither of the two. The show on Wonder Woman undoubtedly was great too, when compared to other shows of that time, but these days, Gal Gadot is stealing the thunder, and not just in the Wonder Woman films but in others too.

Daredevil (TV)

Alright, here is another win for the Television fans, because here in the Punisher that we see on Netflix is a hundred times better than the Daredevil that we got to see in the Ben Affleck film in the early 2000s, be it the storyline or the way the character is portrayed or the action, everything here in this series is better than the friend.

Spider-Man (Films)

This one here guys is not even a matter of debate. We all have seen the 1900’s depiction of the superhero on TV which was nothing but sheer wastage of time and energy of the makers, whereas we have here three franchises of the film, all of which have been loved more or less by the fans.

X-Men (TV)

Okay this one is better than the films, and what is more is that this one is not even a web series or a real TV show, but the animated series of the cartoon X-Men. Not just they were the best of their time, but even till date, the X-Men films’ franchise has not been able to make such a good storyline.

The Hulk (Films)


This one here is not at all debatable at all. Although the Hulk TV show, that aired during the 1900s was an impeccable show, with a great storyline and not just that but also the acting of the actor was really good too, but when we come to films, the films in the MCU have done a wonderful job in bringing out the character, and Mark Ruffalo too with his acting is really great.

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