Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s 5 Crazy Plot Holes No One Can Explain

Star Wars is one of the greatest sci-fi franchises in the history of cinema. It enjoys massive fanbase waiting for the eighth episode with bated breath after the successful run of Star Wars: Force awakens at the global box-office.

The Last Jedi is literally the definition of polarization and calling it a mixed bag would be a major understatement. On one hand, a section of fans heaped massive praise on the movie and hailed it as one of the best Star Wars episode ever while the critics slammed the movie for being unimaginative, dull and mediocre. According to them, it was a lost opportunity as the makers decided to play safe.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, despite the polarizing reviews of its fan-base and the critics, is going strong in the box office. The franchise has a half a decade old fan-base that has stayed loyal to the Force and the Jedi Order since the very beginning.

So when The Last Jedi did not deliver the same feel and the same ambiance of its predecessors, the fans voiced uproar. Yet the movie has been applauded for its magnificent plot line, engaging pace and brilliant CGI and special effects.

All the hope and optimism in the world cannot save ship if it has a hole in its hull. That is exactly the case with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. No one is saying the movie will bomb.

Hell, the movie is going to be one of 2017’s top grossing movies of the year. But people have seen Star Wars being criticized for its glaring plot holes that many pointed out and identified at the very first glance.

Space bombing scene

For example, there is no gravity in space. So how the hell did the resistance bombers drop those bombs in outer space from their bomb bay on the First Order Dreadnaught during the start of the movie?!

Although to say gravity does not exist in outer space will be wrong. It exists, but only in small quantities. Quantities that won’t certainly be enough for bombs to fall down on dreadnaughts without any kind of external support.

Gravity in space is extremely minimal. It is certainly not enough to pull hundreds of bombs from a bomber and into another starship in the vast vacuum of space.

Luke Skywalker’s Force Ghost

The issue of Luke Skywalker’s Force Ghost fight with Kylo Ren is of particular concern. The planet of Crait is filled with salt. One can take a normal walk that will leave easily identifiable red footprints on the planet’s crust. Kylo Ren is a warrior and a Force master manipulator.

He has trained all his senses in combat to locate the weakest link in his opponent. Yet he still falters when it comes to identifying the fact that Luke Skywalker is leaving no footprint in the sand as he walked out of that rebel base.

Kylo Ren was caught up in the heat of the moment. Agreed. His past was interfering with his better judgment. That much leeway could be given to the guy. But what about the rest of the First Order?

Do you mean to say that thousands of highly trained and deadly soldiers of the strongest army in the Galaxy could not point out a simple fact that an old guy is not leaving footprints in the sand when the rest of the folks are?

How did Rey find Luke?

As R2-D2 woke up from his long slumber, he showed Leia and Rey the map that would guide them to Luke Skywalker’s whereabouts. The map leads Rey to the nomadic planet of Ahch-To, the last bastion of the Jedi Order. As Rey encounters the last Jedi of the Galaxy, the words that Luke utters is – How did you find me?

Now for those of you who do not know, Luke wanted to stay away from the rest of the world. His past demons were too much for him to handle so he left the Galaxy and the Jedi Order behind to live the rest of his life in peace and regret his past actions.

He clearly tells Rey that he wanted to stay alone. So why did he leave behind a map to help others find him? It just doesn’t make any sense.

The Golden Dice

The Golden Dice in Star Wars is the dice the ones that Han Solo used to win back the Millenium Falcon. In The Last Jedi, the dice found their way back to Leia Organa when Luke Skywalker’s Force Projection hands them to her. But isn’t the “dice” a force projection too.

How does Leia hold them in her hands? And why do the dice disappear when Kylo Ren holds them in his? If Luke passed away, then how come the dice did not disappear immediately.

Unexplained powers and abilities

The last Jedi ended up with a lot of questions than answers. And a lot of them were directed towards the characters’ insane abilities to manipulate the required physical probabilities to their will if the plot demands them to do so.


For example, Lauren Holdo using The Raddus to slice through The Supremacy at the movie’s climax is something the previous movies could have used as a last-ditch effort. Granted it is a suicidal mission, but if a ship like Death Star stands between you and your loved ones, you wouldn’t hesitate in using your ship as a faster than the light battering ram, would you?

Jedi Master Yoda using a lightning to destroy the Jedi Tree is another plot hole. A Force Ghost cannot manipulate the material world. Several more examples also exist like Leia Organa’s Superman moment in the vacuum of space after the intermission.

These were the most glaring plot holes that The Last Jedi failed to address in the movie. What do you think? Are they reason enough or would you try to add some more? Can you explain any one of them? Quirkybyte would be happy to know.

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