5 Reasons Ben Affleck Should Quit As Batman ( 5 He Shouldn’t)

Ever since Ben Affleck became Batman, there has been a fan war of supporting and not supporting him. But when BvS actually came out, everyone found out that his Batman was actually the best part of the movie. Fans were very excited to see him in Justice League as well and everyone wants him to appear in the solo Batman movie. But the DC movies he has been related to having all got mixed reviews so this argument has reasons for both the causes that why he should Quit being Batman and why he should not.

Here are the reasons why Affleck should not stop being Batman

1 – Continuity

We have now gotten used to seeing Batfleck and he has been established pretty well in this extended Universe. We have seen so little of him and if he leaves the DCEU now, it would affect the continuity of the DCEU as a new Batman will have to be established yet again which might not please the general audience as well.

2 – He is the best live-action Batman

Batfleck is the closest we have ever seen Batman to the comics in a live action movie. Christian Bale’s Batman was grounded in the reality of the world we live in but Batfleck is a Batman amidst other powerful Superheroes. From his suit & gadgets to his detective work and personality, everything is taken straight out of the comics. So it is no doubt that he has been the best live-action Batman.

3 – He deserves his own solo movie

All the big heroes in the DCEU have got are getting a solo movie and currently, the most appreciated character within the DCEU is surely Batfleck along with Wonder Woman. He is probably the best part about the DCEU as everything has been revolving around his character. We have seen so many Easter Eggs and history about Batfleck that we want to explore more of it for sure and that is why he totally deserves to have his own solo movie.

4 – The Fans want him to stay

Even if many other aspects have been criticised by the fans, they have totally loved Batfleck and want more of him as no one is done with him. So the loyal Batfleck fans deserve to see him become the world’s greatest detective and take down villains of the rich DC comic lore in future solo and team up movies.

5 – Future Bat-Family movies  

We know that Jason Todd is the Robin who died in the events pre-BvS and we already know that Dick Grayson exists in the universe since his solo movie has been confirmed to be under works. So we can safely assume that a Bat-family movie would surely come in the future after we see Redhood and there would be no one else we would want to see as Batman other than Ben Affleck in a Bat-Family movie.

Here is why he should quit being Batman

1 – He Doesn’t Seem To Have His Heart In The Role Anymore

Ever since Affleck was announced as Batman, we have seen criticisms related to the casting. People’s view changed when they actually saw his performance but the DC movies he has been related with have all got mixed reviews, and he already got sick of all the solo Batman related questions while he was dealing with personal matters which even caused him to step down as the director. All this has got to get a person down and this is what Affleck might be feeling right now, surrounded by so much of bad mouthing and impatience which is why he would want out of it.

2 – A soft reboot could be good for DC Films and him

The upcoming Flashpoint movie is said to be a soft reboot for the DCEU as most of the movies have got mixed reviews and WB would want to erase that from their plate. Flashpoint is also said to be the last movie with Affleck Appearing as Batman, so it could be a good way to give him a great exit and get a replacement at the same time. It would be better for everyone.

3 – He is getting old

Ben Affleck is currently 45 years old and as much as we would hate to say it, he would have to get out sometime as he can only do it for so long. Surely other older actors are currently having Superhero roles as well, but this role is the one with the most physical work involved, and with the demand for Batman being in the most number of movies including the solo ones, it would be good to exit now and pass the mantle to a younger actor.

4 – Matt Reeves Probably Wants A Particular Actor

The recent news reports suggested that Matt Reeves already has an actor whom he wants to be starring in his Batman trilogy and it might be Jake Gyllenhaal. Jon Hamm also suggested that he would want in for the role if Affleck would want out. So Affleck might just quit as soon as possible.

5 – WB does not deserve him


All the DC movies that Affleck has been involved with have got mixed reviews mainly due to the fact that WB interfered too much and edited the movies while putting them out. This caused the removal of so many important plot points and BvS ultimate edition proves that. The same thing happened with Justice League and this is why WB does not deserve an actor like Affleck as all this bad mouthing would affect his reputation as well.

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