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The First Reactions to Black Adam Are Praising The Rock’s Electrifying Take

Black Adam is finally about to hit the theatres about 15 years after Dwayne Johnson was announced to take the role. You could argue that it has been in the making for many years, but you shouldn’t expect an Avatar-level outing. Still, Black Adam will be a total popcorn fun entertainment as it packs stellar action and quite a few powerful characters. All this is confirmed by the first reactions to Black Adam praising Dwayne Johnson’s performance as the rock-hard antihero.

Here, take a look at a few of those:





So, we could expect a 6-8/10 outing from Black Adam, and that’s more than anyone could have asked for. Multiple superhero projects have proved to be relatively middling this year. That has been the case with movies of all genres. So, if Black Adam manages to rise slightly above that, then the audience should feel happy enough.


First Reactions to Black Adam

But even if Black Adam turns out to be engaging in the slightest of manner, then I am sure you’ll love the sequel because it will feature a Superman vs. Black Adam battle without a doubt! Henry Cavill is back as Superman, all thanks to DJ himself. He has got a new deal with Warner Bros., so we should also expect a solo Superman movie.


So, the future of the DCEU might just be safe. It may not be as big as the MCU. But at this point, WB and DC should stop chasing Marvel and continue to do their own thing. They do have some exciting projects coming at us. Let’s wait and see how that goes. Are you excited about Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam movie? Let us know in the comments.


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