Batman Beyond To Introduce A New Robin To The Bat Family

Batman Beyond is like a futuristic laser show of a Batman shoved into the future without his consent. Cyberpunk and future tech reign supreme in an era where the Big Brother watches all and the era of the Bat Vigilante is fast eroding. Yet Terry McGinnis (the new Batman of a future where Bruce Wayne has retired) has held on to the Bat Mantle and taken the helm and the cowl from Bruce Wayne. He has made people respect the Batman in an age where people think smartphones are their greatest savior. The acclaimed Batman Beyond Comic book arc has been able to enamor the readers with new vigor with a renewed and completely different perspective to the Bat Persona.


The comic book arc was going well and good with plenty of riveting plot details to keep the readers hooked when the writers dropped one more little bomb. Throughout certain issues, it was evident the writers were giving serious hints of a future Boy Wonder joining under the tutelage of Terry McGinnis. Skeptics point this move to a PR stunt by the comic books to entice more readers but it is still a huge piece of news.

Up until now, Terry has been a loner and liked it that way. A grumpy old Bruce Wayne was already too much for Terry. Now with a Robin beyond joining in, will the future see a debut of a Bat Family of the future in the Batman Beyond Saga?

But first things first, who is this new Robin we are talking about?!?!

Batman Beyond has embraced the ‘New’ in every sense of the word. Terry has been given a new Bat suit. Joker has emerged back from the dead and into the living. Bruce Wayne, who was presumed dead until now, has resumed his place as the Batcave Oracle and the revered Terry-Bruce Protégé-Mentor Relationship is back on track. Now there is another revelation that will shatter Terry’s world altogether. Terry is not the only McGinnis.

Bruce Wayne has seen a lot through his years since his appearance in the Batman Beyond Series. An encounter with four superpowered Banes leads him to realize he is no longer capable of being the Batman anymore and ends up in a coma.

His son Damian Wayne shows up and wrecks absolute havoc in Neo-Gotham. In 14 Terry says Bruce, after his encounter with the Banes, has been too broken and his old and frail physiology now requires constant care and attention. And thus Terry movies into the Wayne Manor with his brother – Matt McGinnis.

Matt soon ends up saving his Brother’s hide when Terry is on a run over the rooftops of Neo-Gotham as the Batman. He realizes how fun it is to be a part of this and ask Bruce Wayne a question about the various Robin costumes hanging on the wall. He asks whether those kids fighting beside Batman all these years “was good for them.” Bruce does not answer. But the readers immediately realize the depth of that question.

Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon enters the Batcave and cuts short that conversation. She laments at the fact that it is nice that Bruce is not hiring children and training them to fight the criminal elements of the city anymore. All the while Matt is back in the cave looking at video clips of Damian Wayne training and checks out the Robin Motorcycle and the costumes for a change.

Matt is not someone who would like to be Robin for a chance at a superhero career. Matt and Terry’s parents are divorced. Terry ended up with the father while Matt with the mother. And under unfortunate circumstances, Terry’s father is killed and Terry is pushed into the same cause that pushed Bruce Wayne into becoming the Batman years ago. Matt is fascinated with the Robin persona not because he will have a shot at stardom. Matt longs for a father figure in his life. Something the ever-expanding Bat Family can provide him with.

In the end, it is up to Matt himself whether he would like to become the next Boy Wonder. He certainly has the willpower, strength, and skills to become a warrior of the night. He is a McGinnis after all. Terry and Bruce are still unsure if a Robin is definitely needed. Why would Terry want his own Brother doing dangerous errands with him in the shoddier parts of Neo-Gotham with him? But if a chance does arise when Terry is cornered and needs someone to help him push back, Matt can then find his true calling. If a Robin does appear in the future, this story was definitely worth the read.

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