5 Most Powerful Spells In Potter World

Harry Potter franchise is famous for its excellent storyline and the magic world. Wizardry world is incomplete without magic spells and potions. All wizards learn and practice numerous spells throughout their life. Having knowledge of spells and using the right spell in the right way at the right time is an art in itself, which is mastered by few. So in the vast list of spells introduced in the franchise, few amongst are extremely powerful. The  5 most powerful spells are listed below. Read this article to know about them.

 1. Expecto Patronum


This is the most powerful spell which used as a defensive charm, especially against the Dementors. This spell was first introduced in Harry Potter and the prisoner’s of Azkaban and then Harry Potter taught this charm to other students. In Harry Potter and prisoners of Azkaban when the Dementors were feeding on Sirius Black’s life, the time traveling potter used it to protect him. According to professors, only a very powerful wizard could use that spell. This spell is cast by envisioning a happy memory strong enough to create a defensive shield.

2. Avada Kedavra

This spell is used by Lord Voldemort throughout the series. Avada Kedavra has its origin from an Aramaic word that is abracadabra which means “let the thing be destroyed”. This is the strongest spell generally used to kill someone. Voldemort used this spell to kill Harry’s parents but Lily’s love was so strong that it broke the spell and hence Harry survived.

3. Cruciatus Curse

This curse is listed amongst the three unforgivable dark curses, which were practiced by dark witches. Usage of this spell was also prohibited in Hogwarts. Neville Longbottom parents were given this curse by the death eaters. This curse literally means immense pain and suffering. This is one of the most vulnerable curses, in wizardry world. Everyone can not practice curse, only one who has an immense desire of giving someone endless pain can practice this curse.

4. Imperius Curse

This spell is very dangerous spell as this spell is used to control one’s mind. Having its origin from a Latin word, it lithely means “to rule”. This spell was banned in Hogwarts, however, Harry Potter eventually had mastered to counter this spell in the Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. It took him great determination and willpower to counter the spell. However, this spell was not used commonly amongst the wizards.

5. Obliviate

This spell means to forget, and a very popular spell practiced by the ministry of magic when any Muggle sees any activity related to the magic world. This spell is basically used to erase person’s memory. In Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets Gilderoy wanted to use this spell against Harry and Ron when they were trapped in the chamber, fortunately, due to Ron’s broken stick, the spell backfired.Hermoine also used this spell on her parents.

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