How Justice League Leads To The Arrival Of Darkseid In DCEU

The DC Extended Universe has a way with subtlety. Starting with Batman’s ‘Knighmare Dream Sequence’ in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the presence of Darkseid and his stepping into the world of DCEU was all but confirmed. The Parademon army hordes and the eponymous omega symbol in Batman’s dream just helped reinforce the idea that the wrinkled God of Evil and King of Apokolips is going to make his debut. Unlike the MCU, DCEU  only gave hints. Now it just makes more sense to realize that the big bad devil is coming to bring the hell on earth scenario Bruce saw back in Dawn of Justice. And this time, Superman alone won’t be enough to turn the Tables.

As Steppenwolf appears in the deleted scene titled Communion, he is seen interacting with Lex Luthor in the Kryptonian mothership inquiring about the Motherboxes. The New God’s unfinished quest regarding the apokoliptian boxes is the reason of the events that happen in Justice League. With Steppenwolf soundly defeated, it’s only a matter of time when the boss takes matter into his own hands.

Zack Snyder’s movie doesn’t exactly tell when the Tyrant of the New Gods will debut into DCEU and step on the soils of our Big Blue Planet. But Snyder’s latest entry does give us how Darkseid will come and his reason behind coming to visit Earth.

Darkseid is the Ruler of Apokolips – a planet of New Gods that exists outside it’s own private Dimension called the Fourth World. The Fourth World concept was created by Jack Kirby in 1971. Darkseid, another of Kirby’s creations, leads the malevolent Apokolips in a perpetual war of Domination against it’s sister planet –New Genesis, a malevolent planet also inhabited by New Gods. The sole purpose of Apokolips is waging war. Darkseid aided by Steppenwolf, Granny Goodness, Dessad, Kalibak and a plethora of other supervillains and the parademon forces use boom tubes to travel around. Boomtubes are the only means of transport to and from Apokolips.

The boomtube technology is courtesy of the Mother box. But in the Justice League movie, Steppenwolf can be seen travelling via boomtubes to different parts of Earth be it –Themiscira or Atlantis, without even possessing a motherbox. If Steppenwolf can travel vast distances, even between planets, without a motherbox, what’s stopping Darkseid from using the same to travel to Earth and finish the job.

As per the WHY we have a few theories on that subject as well. Steppenwolf’s sole purpose on Earth was to conquer Earth and use the three Motherboxes to combine and achieve Unity – a process where planet and it’s atmosphere is turned into that of a hellscape similar to the one in Apokolips.

The process then turns all sentient life forms on the planet into Parademons and feeds Apokolips’s ranks to further wage war. Steppenwolf fails to achieve this consecutively. So it’s about time for the little guy to step aside.

Darkseid is the holder of the Anti Life Equation in the comics – A mathematical formula that proves free will is meaningless that Darkseid uses to enslave entire planets. Steppenwolf is heard mentioning “For Darkseid” in the movie. Clearly it means Steppenwolf is here on Darkseid’s will to turn Earth into a war engine to fuel the Apokoliptian fires of war.

Steppenwolf fails miserably in his assigned task as Earth’s mightiest defenders stand united. The New God commanding an army who can literally smell fear is now himslef scared. The Parademons sense it and pounce on him. As his own army is ripping him to shreds, another boom tube opens that transport Steppenwolf away from Earth and to (perhaps) Apokolips to face judgment for his failure. Enter Darkseid.Darkseid

The New God Steppenwolf failed to conquer Earth before because of the actions of Amazons, Atlanteans, the Old Gods and the humans. He failed to rectify his failure again when the Justice League strikes him down for good.

Perhaps it is time for Darkseid to see what exactly is this planet Earth that has been able to halt the mighty forces of Apokolips not just once but twice. With a group powerful enough to finally pose a challenge for the God of Evil, maybe he will finally descend from his throne, like he has several times in the comics, to show the world the absolute terror that is Darkseid.

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