10 Movie Franchises That Bombed At The Box-Office

Many franchises have to take the risk of failing and it is never guaranteed that there will be a success in the future. Even though there is no guaranteed success we have a new franchise almost every few months and there are new fandoms to enter. There are many franchises that fail and some of them fail so miserably at the box office that they are not even completed.

 10. Beautiful Creatures:

In the era of Twilight, it was believed that another series could flourish but it failed miserably. Beautiful Creatures was part of a four-part series called the Caster Chronicles that came to the screens and then vanished after only 1 film. The film didn’t do much business at the box office which is why we never got a sequel.

9. Terminator Salvation:

With a 33% rating on Rotten tomatoes, another series that was supposed to be a trilogy is Terminator salvation. Even Christian Bale couldn’t save this flop attempt of rebooting the original Terminator hype. We later got Terminator Genesys which fared even worse with a 25% rating. This just proved that the Terminator days are gone.

8. Hellboy:

This was supposed to be a trilogy but the series ended after only two films. The main problem according to the director was production funding as no studio was willing to produce Hellboy 3 even though the director and the actors were ready. The series did not fail miserably but rather did quite decent. Still, nobody wanted to shell out money to wrap it up. Fortunately for fans, a reboot of the series is in production.

7. Green Lantern:

It is possible that you don’t remember this film because we all know Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool right? But there was this flop superhero movie that he starred in before that and it was such a big flop at the box office that the studio totally scrapped the idea of a whole series. Reynolds blamed the bad CGI and lack of script for the demise of the movie and series altogether.

6. A series of unfortunate events:

You might have watched the Netflix series of the same name but there was also a film for this Lemony Snicket novel’s 13 part series. Jim Carey did a decent job as Count Olaf and the kids were good too but the movie just didn’t earn much money and there was too much delay which led to the kids growing up and it was all a mess. Thankfully Netflix picked up this amazing series and has been approved for a third season.

5. Fantastic Four (2015):

With a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this film was really a disaster. Everyone was disappointed with this new rendition of the once loved characters by Marvel. There has not been an official announcement that the series has ended but literally, no one wants a sequel with this one and it has already been more than 2 years without the news of one so we are hoping that it doesn’t happen honestly.

4. Percy Jackson and the Olympians:

This was one of the decent franchises in this list and did fare well when it came out with the first film but with second the hype died down and the box office wasn’t happy too. The series had all the ingredients for a massive series but something went wrong as a lot of people didn’t turn up at the theatres for the second film. After the not-so-successful second film the studio has probably dropped the idea of the third film and with actors growing up it is safe to assume that this series has ended.

3. I am number four:

Another series that had a lot of material to go forth was the Lorien legacies series which only gave us one film. The main complaint from the fandom was that the film took too much liberty and strayed too much from the original plot. As a result, it didn’t do well and the studios didn’t see any good reason to continue. Another good series wasted!

2. The Divergent series:

If you were a fan of the books then you must have been disappointed with the films in this series. This series came out around the time when Hunger games were ruling the Y/A area and Jennifer Lawrence had become the rising star of the genre. People had high hopes for this series as the books were a hit and the first film did well too. With the second and third film, however, the films were getting worse and the response was bad from the audience. For the last installment, the studio decided to make it a TV film which the lead actress didn’t agree to be a part of. Still, the series has ended for the big screen.

  1. Eragon:


Probably one of the most unsuccessful fantasy films of all time is Eragon. The Inheritance series written by a teenager became a huge hit at a time as people loved the idea of a less complicated LOTR with a lot of dragons but the film spoiled it for everyone. The film was so bad that some fans don’t even acknowledge it and there was never any talk of a sequel obviously. The series, however, had potential and we hope that someone will try to reboot the series from scratch and just start fresh with it.

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