Actors Of One Role: How To Get Out Of The Image?

How many times have you seen actors on TV, cinema etc and the only thing you can think of about them is their one role that made them famous? Harry Potter, Neo, Lara Croft, James Bond and so many other names are known to us and even if we see them in another movie or series we tend to call them as such and not by their real names! This is called the image of the actor and being stuck with it! But how can they lose their so heavily integrated in our minds image? Let us explore what can be done!

Grab some popcorn and let us begin!

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1)   Diversity is key

When an actor is stuck with an image and can’t shake it off, no matter if it bad or good, if this is the career path they wish to continue on, they must go on, or as they say “the show must go on”! Indie films are a good way to add diversity to your resume, as well as creating reels of all types of roles like drama, horror, comedy or even a silent one to show how you can be a chameleon without even using language!

“Be a cup of tea! There are infinite flavours out there!”

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2)   Keep up the good work

Being typecast typically means that you were so good at one particular role, that no-one can remember you else-way no matter what you do! This should make actors feel happy! It means that people loved them and even though they only have one image now (eg Harry Potter – Daniel Radcliffe, he also played in Woman in Black but we still could only say oh look its Harry Potter!) it is ok to go on with that image. Being typecast basically, means you are amazing! Keep up the good work! For fun activities find more at!

“Be happy!”

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3)   Headshots

Who would have thought that simply pictures can change everything, but they can! For actors, headshots are the mark of their resume. If they are considered sweet, a headshot looking truly dangerous or sexy or even funny can change that, provided that the pictures are really good! All this sounds silly but if you think how much we use Instagram and Facebook and how much all the pictures make us feel for others, it will appear highly logical!

“From cute to sexy in one shot”

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For all the actors out there, our most sincere advice would be to just be yourself and love yourself the way you are and everybody else will follow! Embrace your image and your future will look brighter than ever! Be happy and enjoy acting as a new adventure with each role!

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