All Superman Movies “Ranked” From Worst To Best

Superman is one of the most popular comic book characters and this iconic character has been one of the hottest topics of Hollywood for the last 3 decades or so. We all have loved Superman ever since the first Superman movie came out in 1978. He became America’s favorite superhero and the first superhero to ever get a live-action Superhero movie absolutely right at that time. Ever since that time, Superman has had 7 movies under his belt and here are all 7 of those movies ranked from the worst to the best.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

This was the final movie of Christopher Reeve as Superman. The story showed Superman trying to bring peace to the world by destroying all nuclear arms. This movie was not at all well received by the critics or the fans and it was a major flop at the Box Office. By the time this movie came out, we all understood that the makers were somehow trying to revitalize the Superhero as he had already been in 3 movies by that time. The concept of Nuclear Man just did not do well at all with the audiences and that is why this movie stands last in this list.

Superman III (1983)

Continuing the story from the first two Christopher Reeve’s Superman movies, the film Richard Pryor as the computer programmer Gus Gorman, but it turned out to be the worst one yet in the series and was only saved by Superman IV for not being the worst one of all time. Audiences can never forget that this film gave them their first look at a drunk Superman. This film saw the franchise taking a new direction and receiving a poor response from critics and fans and did not do Justice to the character at all.

Superman Returns (2006)

Superman 3 began an era of bad Superman movies and it has been continued till now. After Superman IV, Superman had left Hollywood for a brief period. But sadly, Superman did not return with a bang as it was yet another Superman movie which was not at all loved by the fans as well as the critics. It had very fewer action scenes and a long and slow story. The only thing that was better in this movie than the previous 2 was the CGI. Brandon Routh failed to continue the Legacy Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition, 2016)

This was the latest entry in the Superman movie world where Superman took on another big DC tyrant, Batman. The two had to fight each other for the difference of their opinions and they were manipulated by Lex Luthor. This movie was the darkest Superman related movie ever and not all fans take that as a positive sign. Well, it still delivered the Big DC Trinity for the first time on the big screen, so that was pretty well done.

Superman II (1980)

The film featured Terence Stamp as the villain General Zod and we saw Clark attempting to live a regular life until he’s forced to put on his suit again. His mission was to restore humanity’s faith in him and stop General Zod from destroying mankind. This was the first attempt at General Zod and it was a pretty great attempt considering that period and what the first Superman movie had done. All in all, it was a great movie and that is why it is the third best Superman movie of all time.

Man of Steel (2013)

Man of Steel was the reboot where Henry Cavill took on the mantle of Superman after Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh. The movie was totally different from whatever we had seen in the past. It was a different and a darker take on the character. The movie built up a great origin story for the first half of the movie and it delivered some really great action sequences in the second half of the movie. It was criticised for the destruction it showed, other than that, it was a great movie.

Superman: The Movie (1978)

It was the first ever attempt at a Live Action Superman movie and it has been the best till now. Christopher Reeve made his debut as Superman in Hollywood and he went on to become one of the big names in Hollywood. This film was the perfect Superman movie as it had an awesome story and portrayed the happy and powerful character we love from the comics. it was very well acclaimed by the fans as well as the critics.

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