10 Superhero Team Uniforms That Gave the X-Men A Run For Their Money

Sure uniforms matter the most when we talk about any respectable profession. Same goes with superheroes too, we know that he is a member of something bigger than himself when we see a symbol of a team on the chest and back. Here we list some teams whose uniforms would even give the X-Men a run for their money:

Future Foundation

In 2010 future fantastic four was rebooted as the future foundation. The invisible woman, Mr Fantastic, the thing and spider man were the members. Their uniforms looked like pepped up spacesuits, which had three hexagons on the chest in black and white, one out the three being black. Spidey’s uniform though was just a white version of his original one with a big spider designed on the chest.

Legion Of Super-Heroes

Legions offered variety in terms of their costumes, though the design was basic with certain details such as cut outs and studs and the overwhelming capes. Lightning lad’s costume has lightning strike placed over his shoulder, and shadow lass’s carried a gothic look. What they had in common was their flight ring.

The New Mutants

In the arcs of 2009 the team Cannonball, karma, magik, magma, dani monster and sunspot, first wore their original uniform from 80’s but later they switched to zip up jumpsuits with huge X’s printed over the uniforms, the change was in order to pay tribute to the x-men.

Deathstroke’s Teen Titans

Deathstroke, one of the biggest villains of team titan, had a change of heart after spending some time with speed force and decided to create a team titan of his own. The uniforms of this team had streamlined, black and white design, slightly personalised for each member. The design overall seemed very ground-breaking.

 X-force (1996)

Talking about the most classic x-force look where they chose a more bodycon outfit with protective outerwear. The new design was fused with certain traits of their old costumes like Siryan’s wings and purple in Domino’s uniform. Though this new design was not as colourful as the older one.

Uncanny X-Force

X-force that was constituted to use deadly forces to eradicate the remaining mutants, in 2008, defiantly had the deadliest costumes. To match the dark theme of the arc the colour’s of the uniforms were changed to deep dark combinations of grey and black, although other design elements of the original costumes of the heroes were kept intact.

The Green Lantern Corps

Yeah, the Green Lanterns is not a team that needs to be introduced to anyone. Not just because of Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner, but otherwise too, the team is pretty famous for its roles in various battles such as that against Darkseid and Injustice and the Longest Night and what not. The lanterns wear a distinct uniform that is mostly black in colour but has a fair share of green too. And the rings are the most important part of the uniform that gives them the suit.

Generation x

Generation X came in as a spin off to the really famous X-Men series. Just like the X-force the team consisted of mutants who wished to help the world by fighting crime, you know the superhero stuff. The team had dark suits, red in shade and again just like fantastic 4 they could adapt to the mutants’ powers and hence didn’t burn or freeze or wear out. I would want some of these for sure.

X-factor investigations

X-factor investigations first appeared in Madrox’s solo series in 2005. Who eventually grew into its own series, with the original line up focusing on Madrox, strong guy and wolfsbane. Together the team worked in a series of adventures to solve mutant mysteries for which their clients paid them. The team was also involved with the events of the civil war. The team that started out with its members wearing casuals now has hardcore uniforms for every one of them.

 Fantastic Four


Although the composition of the fantastic four has been changing over the years, their uniform has remained constant and recognisable. The best part of these uniforms is that they add to the superhuman element of the characters as they are designed subjectively according to their powers like invisible woman’s can uniform can be turned invisible, reeds can stretch and Johny’s doesn’t burn. And neither do we think that any other uniform could hold the blocky body of Ben Grimm.

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