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15 Most Controversial Illegal Movie Scenes That Will Shock You

Movies are the way to show the reality of life in a 2- 3 hours of time. Directors and writers use all their talent to create things which are beyond the boundaries. Some scenes of the most controversial illegal movies will definitely shock you and won’t be acceptable in today’s era. Check out the movies and their worst controversial scenes:

1. Pretty Baby- The Nude Scene

2. The Mask- Used Condom Scene

3. Kids- Underage Nudity

4. Howard The Duck- The Awkward Love Scene

5. The Godfather- Real Dead Horse Head Scene

6. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom- Disturbing Human Bloodshed Scene

7. Apocalypse Now – Buffalo slaughtering to death scene

8. Last Tango in Paris- Rape Scene Without Consent

9. The French Connection- Car Chasing in Real Place

10. Cannibal Holocaust- Horrifying Real Shots

11. The Birds- The Mentally Disturbing Bird Scene

12. You Only Live Twice- Japanese Disguise by Sean Connery

13. The Shining- Duvall’s Suffer

14. Deliverance- Like a Dummy in The Waterfall

15. Irreversible- The Tortured Rape Scene

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