10 One Night Stands From Superhero Films That Would Make You Horny

There are a lot of times when our superhero characters got horny, here we bring you ten such moments from Marvel and DC when our favorite superheroes got sexually charged:

Spider-Man and Mary Jane

Though this is not a one night stand, this one gets an honorable mention from us because it made all of us love the chemistry between the two.This moment has been embedded deep into the minds and hearts of the fans of Spider-Man. Undoubtedly from the first time he saves her, we wanted Peter to reveal his identity to his childhood love, Mary Jane. But we get the second best thing at first. That is the smooch where Spider-Man is hanging upside down and he kisses Mary Jane after saving her from some goons.

Nite Owl and Silk Spectre 2

This one was surely a steamy one, the two after a long time when their team has been disbanded go on the streets fighting crime. She tells Nite Owl how Doctor Manhattan now was no feelings for her, and the two get cuddly and then boom! between the sheets, the two go on banging so hard that even their plane’s booster fires up.

Maya Hansen and Iron Man

This has to be one of the worst one night stand on this list this is because in Iron Man 3 Maya Hansen and Tony Stark Get into a moment after a party the morning after which Tony Stark being Tony Stark leaves her and she seems dumped after that she start working with Kilian on the extreme projects and we know what happened after it

Batman and Batgirl

This is one of the reasons of the Killing joke being hated by a lot of people this is because here in Bruce Wayne AKA if Batman and Batgirl AK a Barbara Gordon who is the daughter of Jim Gordon get into a moment in the beginning of the film here considering the age gap between the two and that Barbara was not only is a printer’s but also his friend’s daughter this raises a lot of questions on the character of Batman.

Hancock and an Unknown Girl

Oh sure, you want to read about this one here in Hancock after refusing a lot of times then agrees to have sex with the girl. After having sex when Hancock about to climax he shocks everyone

Wolverine and Mariko

This one is from the film The Wolverine that is Hugh Jackman’s second solo film while in the character of Wolverine in this film after he saves Mariko yashida he then staying true to its character bed her after which she is kidnapped in the morning what should we say? Is he unlucky?

Wolverine and the Mobster’s Daughter

This scene is from the film X-Men Days of Future Past here when the X men are being hunted by the sentinels and are about to get extinct Wolverine is sent back in the past where he wakes up in the morning and finds himself to be in bed with the daughter of a mobster. well, it doesn’t go well from there as he then has to kill everyone who in turn was trying to kill him.

Mystique and Magneto

This one is from the film X-Men First Class where Mystique who is attracted to Beast then feel that she is actually not a human then why is she trying to be this then please is Erik Lehnsherr and he comes to see that she is in his room he then asks for the real Mystique after which she comes into her true form and we all know what happens next.

Batman And Talia Al Ghul

This scene is from the film Batman The Dark Knight Rises in this scene Batman has lost everything of his which include his property his car and everything else, there to comfort him comes in Talia al Ghul but even she isn’t enough to stop Batman from being Batman.

Magneto and Quicksilver’s Mom


This one isn’t actually shown in the films but is implied first we come to know when quicksilver is actually magneto’s son this is where he tells that his mother Once knew a man named Erik Lehnsherr this is told in X-Men days of future past but in X-Men Apocalypse, it is shown in more detail.

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