Here’s What Will Happen When Wolverine Meets Hulk In The MCU  

The Australian actor Hugh Jackman pulled off a masterful performance playing Logan/Wolverine in the final standalone movie of the franchise directed by James Mangold. He has given over a decade of his life to this character, and have played it like a boss. He has been revered by both critics and fans for his gritty performances in successive X-Men and independent Wolverine movies. It’s almost unimaginable to even think of any other actor besides Hugh Jackman to bring Wolverine to life.

In the past, there have been two independent Hulk movies, in the first one Eric Bana played the green monster while in the second one Edward Norton was “The Hulk”. Finally, Hulk was re-introduced into the MCU and Mark Ruffalo is our near perfect Bruce Banner/The Hulk. His next outing will be in two Infinity War movies.

Have you ever imagined what will happen if we combine the two deadliest superheroes in one? Although, Hulk is with Marvel studios and Wolverine is with Fox, but that did’nt stop fans from dreaming about seeing them together onscreen in live action or another form. Most people want to see both of them fight, a section of the fans wants them to team up against a larger threat while there are some who want to see a hybrid of Wolverine and Hulk or “Hulkverine” similar to recent Weapons of Mutant Destruction storyline.

The artist BossLogic took to twitter and demonstrated what it would look like in a Marvel movie, and it’s pretty awesome. This guy does this cool stuff on a regular basis based on fans casting or rumors, but once in a while he just blow it out of the water such as this time. His version of the deadly hybrid mutant gives the creature Wolverine adamantium claws and Hulk’s body and called it “Weapon H”.

In Weapons of Mutant Destruction storyline, this nasty and deadly creature made its debut and created by none other than William Stryker. Hulkverine was created to destroy the entire mutant race, much like Sentinels in X-Men: Days of the Future Past. In comics, it’s the Amadeus Cho version while in the MCU it will be Bruce Banner version as comic-reading audience is niche.


They have been tied to each other several times in the past, for instance, Hulk vs Wolverine animated movie 2009. But unfortunately no matter how cool it looks or sounds, it will never happen as Marvel and Fox can never come together, moreover there is Universal which party owns Hulk. So it remains a pipe dream.

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