10 DC Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos In Seconds

Thanos is one of the strongest characters of Marvel comics who is going to take on the Team Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy in the upcoming Avengers Infinity War. The Mad Titan will be the most terrifying adversary that our heroes will fight in the movie along with his Black Order.

What if Thanos cross paths with some of the smartest and most powerful characters of DC? The result won’t be in his favor. Here’s a list of characters from DC who can defeat him with or without the Infinity Gauntlet.

Lex Luthor

Lex luthor

Luthor is someone who has had his fair share of great weapons, but what if he had the access to the best weapons and tech in the entire multi-verse. Luthor has been a great villain and has defeated Superman many times.

If he were to use the gauntlet whilst he was a hero, he would easily be able to defeat the bad guys with it. Imagine for a second what would happen if he had access to the gauntlet while he was a villain? He would easily kill Thanos by ‘just clicking his fingers’.


Did you like Superman in the Injustice series? No, no one did. But that is what probably he would become if he wielded the Gauntlet.

He is extremely powerful with a sense of justice embedded inside him, Supes is someone who will if use the gauntlet which would then heighten his powers and values, will also turn him into an extremely dictating person, always seeking ‘peace’ as he did in the series. It would also make him extremely hard to defeat and would be a curse for the rest.


Brainiac is not a bad guy, just someone who wants to gather all the knowledge of the entire universes and sometimes keeps miniature sized cities for himself, just imagine if he had control over space, time, soul etc. what would he do.

We feel he would probably not stop at the destruction of major cities, but get whole timelines to keep for himself. What do you expect from someone who has an insane level of intellect and a tremendous amount of power?

Batman (with prep time)

Remember Tower of Babel storyline? Yeah well, that was Batman all prepared with what all could go wrong with the Justice League and how to bring down even the mightiest of the heroes. That was just one case when he used the Justice Buster and defeated the entire Justice League, that again proved his might.

If someone, as planned as Batman was to get the Infinity Gauntlet having the mind stone, that could easily control the likes of Superman, time stone that could prove Barry Allen to be useless, Soul stone, which Doctor Fate could do nothing against and so on, he would defeat the league within seconds.

Doctor Manhattan

We all know how powerful Doctor Manhattan is. He is an all-powerful being who left Earth to create a new life for himself. What a guy… He can literally create matter, and when having such a powerful thing such as the Infinity Gauntlet, what all he could do is unthinkable.

He would probably create whole new universes and create new lives there; this obviously is far better than just merely taking over the worlds.


 Infinity Gauntlet DC Thanos

Well well well, even you knew he was going to be here. No this is not JUST because Darkseid is Thanos’ counterpart from the DC universe, but just look at the guy, he doesn’t just go around on a moving chair, but lives on a firey planet and has an impeccable army that can go to fight anytime he wants them to.

Apart from that Thanos just wants to “Court Death” whereas Darkseid actually wants to take everyone’s free will away from them and rule the universe. He obviously has a far better claim to the Infinity Gauntlet than Thanos. He wins it all, Hands down.


Spectre is the third most powerful character in DC after The Presence and Lucifer Morningstar. His purpose is to unleash Presence’s wrath upon the people who sin. He derives powers from The Presence himself. Previously an angel, he needs a host body in order to fulfill God’s wishes.

The hosts are the dead individuals and currently, Jim Corrigan is the carnation of Spectre. He has the powers of The Presence and if Thanos ever crosses his way he’d have to suffer a deadly fate. Some say he has powers of all the infinity stones put together. You can say Spectre is the personification of Infinity Gauntlet himself and so, can erase Thanos from existence in a few moments.

Michael Demiurgos

Michael Demiurgos is another immortal character from DC comics who has the powers to do anything and become anything. He has the powers similar to Spectre along with powers that include sonic cry, acidic blood, ability to communicate with animals.

If Thanos dares to cross his way it would the day Thanos would meet his beloved Death.

Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer Morningstar is the second most powerful character of DC only after The Presence. He can be called as the Marvel’s version of the Living Tribunal in terms of power. He has powers that include cosmic awareness, invisibility, super speed, super strength, telekinesis, dimensional manipulation, and much more.

If Thanos and Lucifer ever go one-on-one, it wouldn’t take Lucifer more than a second to defeat Thanos.

The Presence

The almighty and the most powerful being of DC comics who can be called as DC’s version of Marvel’s The One Above All. He has the powers that are no match for any other entity. He has the powers “whatever you can think of” and he is immortal.

He is all-powerful, can be anything and can be anywhere he wants. Let’s come to the point of him fighting with Thanos who is like a baby in front of him. It wouldn’t take him more than a second to finish the Mad Titan.

Honorable Mentions:

Thought Robot, Superman Prime One Million, Eclipso, Kismet, Rama Kushna and Nekron.

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