10 Brutal Ways Cersei Could Die On Game of Thrones

With the finale being only a few days from now we are all set with our predictions and expectations in place. The last episode is always the most essential as GOT likes to end seasons with a bang to make the wait for the next season more excruciating. So while we wait let’s discuss an anticipated event and how it will occur. Cersei has been a character very much hated by the whole audience and her death would definitely make for a great episode. Even though the chances of her dying in the finale are very low because we believe she still has a role to play in the next season but still we can imagine the ways she could die.

This list has been inspired by some ongoing theories and our own predictions.

10. Childbirth:

Cersei has recently announced to Jaime that she is pregnant and it is his child. This has helped her to get Jaime wrapped around her finger once again. The prophecy by the witch said that Cersei would have only three children so it either means that Cersei is lying or this child will die. It could be a miscarriage or Cersei could die during childbirth that would mean she never sees the child live.

9. Old and powerless:

As we all imagine Cersei dying in the last season, the show could take a different turn and actually let her live. This might not satisfy anyone but imagine Cersei living in a time where Dany sits on the throne, Tyrion is the hand of the queen and the north is ruled by the Starks. She would be powerless and might even try to kill herself. It would serve her right to live in a cell all her life and watch her enemies rule and grow strong.

8. Sansa kills her:

This one is quite unlikely but that is the reason it should be considered. GOT likes to surprise the fans and this would be a total shock. Sansa was the one who got Ramsey killed and you might think that Sansa got her moment to shine right then but Cersei was another one of her tormentors and now Sansa actually admires Cersei’s tactics and clever mind. So if Sansa takes a lesson out of Cersei’s book and kills her with a clever move then it could definitely make for great entertainment.

7. She gets herself killed:

Cersei agreeing to meet her enemies has us all worried as Cersei has her history with mass destruction. She most probably has set a trap for her enemies at the meeting place and plans to kill them at once. If she plans on throwing wildfire and burning the place to the ground then she might get herself killed too. Even though she is not that stupid but she there is a possibility that she goes full mad queen on everyone and dies in the process.

6. Gendry takes Revenge:

Gendry is a character that totally disappeared after season 3 and has finally returned to the show with a good form. Gendry is Robert Baratheon’s bastard and that makes him the only living Baratheon on the show right now. Gendry hates Cersei as she got his father killed and that could definitely be a trigger for him to kill her. This may not be the best way for Cersei to die but it does make sense and the fact that Cersei does not have any knowledge of his existence definitely makes it more interesting.

5. Tyrion strangles Cersei:

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister on “Game of Thrones”.  Tyrion was tormented by his big sister since he was a kid and she hated him for something he couldn’t help. Cersei believed Tyrion killed her mother when he was born and hated him. After the death of Joffrey, Cersei didn’t even take a moment to point fingers at Tyrion and almost got him killed. Unlike others Tyrion really understands how evil Cersei is and what she is capable of. He has many reasons to hate Cersei and if he kills her it would be amazing!

4. Winter comes:

Jon Snow and his raiding party might have worked hard to get a white walker to convince Cersei of the real threat but who is to say that she will care. Cersei is not a person who is going to divert herself to the dead when she believes she has more living enemies. So if the night king brings his army to King’s landing and attacks the Red Keep then Cersei might take them seriously. This could however give rise to another horror as we don’t want a night queen!

 3. Dany follows her ‘dragon’ instinct:

“You are a dragon, so be a dragon,” said Olenna Tyrell to Dany in this very season and that’s what Dany did in the ‘spoils of war’. If Dany follows her impulsive side again then that could be Cersei’s end and it would surely be awesome. Dany could just Dracarys Cersei’s ass and be done with it!

2. Arya’s faceless skills:

One of the best ways Cersei could be killed is by Arya’s hand and her skills of becoming faceless. Arya has had her on her list for quite a long time and hopefully she will make sure to complete the task. As to whose face she will take, we already have a theory on it. Cersei has a few people she trusts and Arya could take any of their faces to accomplish her mission.

1.  Jamie the Queenslayer:Cersei

Jamie Lannister is a character that has been under the influence of the evil queen for a long time now and she recently found another way to trap him. The whole world is waiting for Jaime to come to his senses and kill his sister who has managed to cause enough damage already by blowing up the sept of Baelor. Jamie is known as the ‘kingslayer’ for killing the mad king and we hope he will take the title of the ‘queenslayer’ too.

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