8 Most Unfaithful Superheroes Who Set Bad Relationship Standards

Superheroes might be super, but they still are humans. And humans are flawed, one such flaw is cheating. Here is a list of 8 unfaithful superhero partners who have crossed all possible lines:

Nick Fury

There have been many women who took up the mantle of Black Widow. Here the title belongs to Monica Chang, who has been the ex-wife of the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury. The couple also got busy and had a son too, named Julius Chang. Their marriage ended because she found out that Nick was cheating on her with her friends as well as her own mother. But it ended well for her as it was her, not Nick who became the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.


In the beginning when Black Widow started to work with the Blind Vigilante, what happened was the two fell badly for each other. So much so that Daredevil even broke up with Karen Page, who had been his longest serving love interest. But Natasha started to have a feeling of being just a mere sidekick both in his love life as well as in his superhero life and left him. Eventually, her memory goes and she again has feelings for Matt, but he is with another woman by that time. If there is someone who has actually stolen her heart, it has to be Matt Murdock.


Though Cyclops and Jean Grey had their ups and downs, the couple was the best that the X-Men franchise had to offer. Jean had been putting off Wolvie because she loved Scott Summers, but then Jean dies in the dark Phoenix saga at the hands of Wolverine. This shocked the fans but had a little impact as after Jean’s death, Emma Frost and Scott come into a legitimate relationship.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanov was introduced as a villain for Tony Stark, and the two go way back. Not just as enemies but also as lovers. Eventually, when Romanov joins the teams she gets down and dirty with the playboy Tony Stark, the two get as active in the sheets as they are on the field.  Not just that, after Romanov betrayed the team, a sex tape of Tony and Natasha was released online, leaving Tony devastated.

Gwen Stacy

The character assassination of Gwen Stacy was even more awful than her death. As here due to a bad storyline, Gwen and Norman Osborne’s kids are shown to be born at a speeding rate, with Mary Jane leaking this information out to Peter, even putting her in a bad light. This arc had no positives at all and was hated by the fans. Not just that this has till date been the biggest betrayal to a superhero. Not just that it was Norman only, who killed her in the end, and after her death,Peter comes to know all this.

Jean Grey

Well, of course, she had to be ion this list. The one girl that poor old Wolvie desires but can’t have. This is because of the founding member of the X-Men, Jean is in love with cyclops. Though in alternate realities both have been together, the most notable time of them being together was in ‘Age of Apocalypse’ where Wolverine is missing a hand but has Jean, with him. Worth it Wolvie? Definitely. Not just that, once in Uncanny: X-Men both are sent to an alternate reality where both when think are going to die, share a kiss. The two have had more than one steamy moments together.

Big Barda

Okay, this is out rightly disgusting, though Barda is one of the New Gods now, she once worked for Darkseid. Here Superman and Big Barda shoot a porno. What’s even worse is that Barda’s spouse is watching them through a window enraged. To the comic’s defense they both were mind controlled but still, this storyline clearly showed how bonkers could the writers go.



To all the fans who are familiar with the storyline, Flashpoint, this one would not be a surprise. Wonder Woman and Aquaman start an affair when Aquaman is already married to Mera, this happens and then when things go south, well she beheads Mera and both, the Amazons and the Atlanteans go at war, taking the whole planet with them.

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